Flooding rain over south shore, clouds elsewhere

After a really great Labor Day weekend our weather has soured quite a bit. On and off showers yesterday turned into torrential downpours today. Flooding along many roads was evident early this afternoon in places like Taunton and Fall River, Massachusetts. Humidity is very oppressive and there has even been the rumble of thunder and dangerous lightning with some of the showers. The rain will taper to scattered showers the rest of the afternoon and evening. The reason for all the wet weather is due to a low pressure area and the associated fronts trailing from the low. A southwest wind is also propelling very warm tropical like conditions into the area. It’s so humid out my windows in the house are foggy this morning. I often “tweet” additional weather thoughts on Twitter and you can find them there at @growingwisdom


Wednesday map.gif

An area of energy is moving through New England today. This area, really just a contrast in temperature and moisture, is creating showers and some embedded downpours and thunderstorms. I expect the area to move through during early afternoon, thereafter the showers will become less numerous.
Temperatures this afternoon will rebound into the upper 70s and lower 80s but the dew point will remain very high. That will make it feel like we are living in the Amazon delta. There will be the continued risk of showers and even a thunderstorm during the evening (though not as many) so keep your umbrella with you if you are traveling about.
Overnight will be another muggy night and I suspect if you have air conditioning in the house you will be using it. Temperatures will remain in the upper 60s most of the night.

Thursday and Friday

The end of the week will be warm and not as wet. Thursday we will feature the most sunshine we have seen since the past weekend. Temperatures will be around the 80F mark. I don’t see any chance for rain showers on Thursday. Friday we will start to look west to see another area of unsettled weather headed for the area. Yes, that area of weather is going to impact the weekend. Friday will feature sunshine blending with clouds and that chance for showers returns especially in the evening.

Hurricane Leslie.gif

The weekend
The bad news is that the weekend looks a bit wet. The good news is that the weather system that will give us the wet weather will also push Leslie, now a tropical storm, then a hurricane, out to sea safety east of our area. It will impact Bermuda and also create some great wave action locally. I would much rather have a cloudy weekend with showers than a direct hit from a hurricane so I will deal with the rain. Temperatures and humidity over the weekend will continue on the high side. It will not be a chilly rain by any means. The weather next week does look drier and a bit cooler.

Gardening this week

This time of year and actually this week, is perfect for over-seeding a lawn. Over-seeding is when you place grass seed on an existing lawn to thicken it up. This would be or is a good week to seed a new lawn with the caveat that the heavy rain can wash the seed away so I would not seed any sloped areas without some protection like burlap or straw over the area.
If you notice that your trees are changing color early or dropping leaves they might be suffering from strangulation or girdling roots. In this video Rolf Briggs teaches me about this common problem and how to fix it.

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