Hurricane Leslie to affect Bermuda, New England and Canada

September is the peak of hurricane season and right now we have two storms in the Atlantic with perhaps a third later today. Hurricane Michael sits halfway between the United States and Africa and is forecast to move north and not affect any land. Hurricane Leslie is in the Atlantic far east of Florida but headed towards Bermuda. Already the waves from Leslie are reaching parts of the east coast, but I expect those waves to build later this weekend and early next week as she makes her closest pass by New England Monday or Tuesday. Big waves will be the only concern we have about Leslie. Before bypassing our area and the US mainland, Leslie will take a swipe at Bermuda as a category two storm. It appears the worst of the storm should stay to the right of Bermuda, but if you have interests in that Island, you should listen to latest forecast and advisories very closely. Eventually, the storm will move into eastern Canada near Sable Island.
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Although Michael is not expected to hit any land, it has become the first category 3 storm of the season.


The satellite from the storm shows the cloud pattern and how well developed the storm is at this time. The eye is hard to pick out as this is a nighttime shot.
It’s pretty amazing that hurricane Leslie is hundreds and hundreds miles away and will stay very far from our beaches yet the waves from the storm can propagate away from the center and travel great distances. East facing beaches may even see some beach erosion later this weekend or early next week.
Bermuda will see high winds, rough seas and torrential rain for much of the weekend. The track of Leslie is still a bit tentative so the storm for Bermuda could be more or even less severe than is being predicted.

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As if two storms isn’t enough a piece of Isaac that ended up moving back into the Gulf of Mexico could become Nadine in the next day or so. Hurricane hunters will be flying into that area later this morning to investigate.


If this did become a named storm it doesn’t look like it will become a hurricane but it could bring heavy rain to an area with very saturated ground.

The next few days

Warm and somewhat humid weather will be with us the next several days. The chance for rain will be near zero today and only slightly higher tomorrow and Saturday. I expect quite a bit of sunshine today and Friday. Saturday will feature equal clouds to sunshine, but still a nice day. Temperatures will be in the 80-85F range and overnight lows will remain in in the 60s. The humidity will be highest Saturday and Sunday, but still quite noticeable today and tomorrow.
On Sunday our weather will be quite unsettled with numerous showers, some thunderstorms and very humid. Since there will be very little sunshine Sunday I expect temperatures to be cooler.
Next week
High pressure from Canada will move into the area later Sunday and stick with us for the first part of next week. This translates into daily highs in the 70s and overnight lows in the 40s and 50s, great sleeping weather.

Gardening this week

This time of year and actually this week, is perfect for over-seeding a lawn. Over-seeding is when you place grass seed on an existing lawn to thicken it up. This would be or is a good week to seed a new lawn with the caveat that the heavy rain can wash the seed away so I would not seed any sloped areas without some protection like burlap or straw over the area.
If you notice that your trees are changing color early or dropping leaves they might be suffering from strangulation or girdling roots. In this video Rolf Briggs teaches me about this common problem and how to fix it.

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