Hurricane Leslie creates rip currents and big waves for the weekend

Humidity levels continue to run quite high with another uncomfortable night for sleeping ahead after a very warm day. Bigger heat continues across the south with Little Rock, Arkansas forecast to hit 100 today. I am also watching Leslie and Michael, two hurricanes that are churning up the Atlantic but pose no immediate threat to land. Leslie will head towards Newfoundland early next week.

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Eventually, Michael and Leslie may actually merge into one dying storm over eastern Canada or the north Atlantic. Sometimes, these storms can even continue further east to eventually affect England or Ireland. The biggest affect to our weather from these storms will be large swells affecting the coast. There will also be dangerous rip currents. Late in the weekend our seas will subside, temperatures will fall and a touch of autumn will great New Englanders Monday morning.

As you can see in this map, the wind field from both Leslie and Michael will stay to the east of the United States and now even Leslie looks less likely to hit Bermuda.

hurricanes winds.gif

The map shows the chances of tropical storm force winds over the next several days.
Once clouds move out of the area today will be mostly sunny and warm. I would say this is a great beach day and with some building waves will quite fun in the surf. Do be even more careful than usual in the ocean as there will be very strong rip currents. Temperatures this afternoon will reach into the mid 80s over inland areas but remain in the upper 70s to near 80 over the Cape.

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Overnight will be another very muggy night with high levels of humidity and temperatures not going much below 70F. I don’t expect any shower activity overnight so if you are heading out to a movie or dinner you can leave the umbrella in the car rather than forgetting it behind your chair.
This will be our last humid day for a while. It’s not to say we won’t see any humidity the rest of the month, but next week looks very different. Temperatures to start the weekend will reach into the lower 80s. There is the risk for thunderstorms in the afternoon but more likely overnight. There could be some heavy downpours as well. Temperatures will remain warm for sleeping holding between 65F and 70F all night.
The cold front will pass through the area early in the day. Humidity will be drop throughout the day and any showers will end. Clearing skies will ensue and the afternoon will be quite nice. Temperatures will remain in the 70s.
Next week
High pressure from Canada will stick with us for the first part of next week. This translates into daily highs in the 70s and overnight lows in the 40s and 50s, great sleeping weather. Eventually later next week temperatures will warm back towards 80, but I don’t see the extreme humidity making a return.

Gardening this week

This time of year and actually this week, is perfect for over-seeding a lawn. Over-seeding is when you place grass seed on an existing lawn to thicken it up. This would be or is a good week to seed a new lawn with the caveat that the heavy rain can wash the seed away so I would not seed any sloped areas without some protection like burlap or straw over the area.
If you notice that your trees are changing color early or dropping leaves they might be suffering from strangulation or girdling roots. In this video Rolf Briggs teaches me about this common problem and how to fix it.

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