A flawless week of weather

A taste of fall is in the air this morning across all of New England. Some spots in New York State have frost advisories early today as temperatures there dip into the 30s. We all know what lies ahead in the next few months and I can guarantee you we will not get off virtually snow free this winter. However, what I am excited about this week is the nearly clear skies that will great us each day and continue into the start of the upcoming weekend. Today will be the one day with some clouds, so maybe I should have titled this “a nearly flawless week”, but I am not expecting any showers. Temperatures will be cool for the time of year through Tuesday before warming up back to summertime levels at the end of the week. To ask a weather or gardening question or just get my latest thinking on the weather find me on Twitter at @growingwisdom

high pressure clear skies.gif

The air is so cool above us today that once the sun goes to work warming up the ground that air will rise and that rising air will pop off some clouds this afternoon. These clouds will block out the sun from time to time and when they do, it will feel downright chilly. Temperatures will be in the 60s much of the day, reaching the lower 70s for an hour or two around 2PM this afternoon. The reason for all the great weather is that big blue H on the map above. High pressure forces the air to sink and this negates the formation of any widespread clouds and precipitation. The closer to the center of the high we get, the clearer the skies become.
Clouds will melt away and leave clear skies and dry air in place over the region. This dry air will allow temperatures to fall to their chilliest levels since spring. A spot or two may touch the upper 30s by morning, but most of us will be in the 40s. Boston, with the warmth of the buildings will stay in the lower 50s.

September 11th

Tomorrow will very much resemble the day as is dawned 11 years ago. You will notice a bright blue sky, virtually no clouds and light winds. For me, it won’t matter how many years pass since 2001 when I see a sky like the one tomorrow, I can’t help think of that day. Temperatures tomorrow will warm from the September sunshine and reach back towards the 70 degree mark in the afternoon.
Midweek into the weekend.
The rest of the week we will continue the theme of clear skies along with a warming trend. Temperatures each night will be back into the upper 40s to mid 50s. During the day our highs will range from near 78F on Wednesday to the lower 80s the rest of the week.
During the weekend, a weak front will move into the area and may kick of a shower by Sunday. Temperatures over the weekend will be in the 70s with a continuation of lower humidity.

Gardening this week

This time of year and actually this week, is perfect for over-seeding a lawn. Over-seeding is when you place grass seed on an existing lawn to thicken it up. This would be or is a good week to seed a new lawn with the caveat that the heavy rain can wash the seed away so I would not seed any sloped areas without some protection like burlap or straw over the area.
If you notice that your trees are changing color early or dropping leaves they might be suffering from strangulation or girdling roots. In this video Rolf Briggs teaches me about this common problem and how to fix it.

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