Sunny and warm today with some rain this weekend.

Early fog and clouds will burn away leaving us with a beach day. This could very well end up being the last 80F day of the season. 80F is not that unusual in early October, but at some point, we will have the last one and today may very well be that day. Today, I expect light winds and sunshine and after a week of rain this will be one welcome treat. The weekend overall will be fairly nice with a warm day tomorrow, a wet day Sunday and a cool but sunny day on Columbus day. For those of you that have Monday off that would be a great day to head to a local farm and support them. I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions about weather or gardening. Please follow me on Twitter at @growingwisdom and check out my latest videos at



Weather systems
The weather map above shows nicely what systems will be affecting the east coast the next several days. Today, high pressure (blue H) will keep sunshine and mild air over the region. This same high will keep the rain to our west for much of Saturday. On Sunday, the rain area on the map will move north and bring that period of wet weather for Sunday. Monday that rain area moves away and we get into cool but sunny conditions.
The holiday weekend more details
The weekend isn’t looking as stellar as some Columbus day weekends but not a total washout. Sunday is the day to plan for indoor activities. Tomorrow will start with some sunshine but clouds will be thickening all day and there is chance for rain later in the afternoon. The rain will continue overnight Saturday and into Sunday evening. While I don’t expect it to rain that entire time, it will cool, raw and unpleasant. The heaviest of the rain will fall Sunday night. You might be able to get outside at times Sunday but I wouldn’t plan on it. Temperatures Sunday will stay in the 50s and I suspect a few of you will put the heat on for the first time this season.
A storm moving up the coast on Sunday will bring the rain and cool weather. It appears this will not be a major rain storm, but will provide as much as half an inch of rain. As the storm pulls away Sunday night and Monday clearing will take place and Monday will end up being the pick of the three days. Temperatures Monday afternoon will be cool, mostly in the 50s. Sunshine will make it feel a bit warmer and the bright blue sky should frame the fall colors quite nicely.
I am concerned about a frost Monday night and early Tuesday morning. Right now I don’t expect a widespread killing freeze, but if you have tropical plants outside you should spend the weekend getting the back inside. Be sure to treat the plants for insects before you bring them inside.

color october.gif

Many folks are reporting the color this year is the best in several years. The colors are vibrant and not muted as they were last year. Some of the best time to view the foliage is the middle of the day when the sun is highest and the colors really can shine.
Gardening tip this week
Leaves are falling and it’s time to begin to close down gardens for the season. I am actually starting seeds inside now to plant in my cold frame for the late fall and early winter. You might be surprised how easy it is to continue to grow your own food right through Christmas will just a bit of cover and no electricity. If you want to learn about growing a vegetable garden Mass Hort has a great program called Garden To Table. You can learn about that program and other tips on setting up a garden in the video. This is a great time of year to get your garden ready for spring planting. Don’t wait till spring.

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