Rainy today, dry for Regatta rowers and apple pickers this weekend

This morning’s weather map shows a strong storm over the Great Lakes region with a trailing front swinging from that storm through New England. This front will push moisture, warm temperatures and wind through the area over the next 24 hours. Thereafter, clearing will take place and leave us nice weather for much of the weekend.

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This is a big weekend here in Boston with the Head of the Charles Regatta taking place tomorrow and Sunday. Although crowded, the Regatta is a great chance to walk the river, take in the sites, eat some unhealthy food and meet good friends. This year, the weather will cooperate. If rowing isn’t your thing, how about taking in the 1st Annual Faneuil Hall Marketplace Street Theatre Festival, that takes place tomorrow starting at 11AM.If you have a question about the weather find me on Twitter at @growingwisdom and check out my latest videos at


The radar loop above shows how showers and perhaps even a thunderstorm further south are moving. The storm over the center of the country is spinning counter clockwise and the strong southerly flow on our side of that storm is push the rain north. I expect the rain to be heaviest this afternoon and come in waves. At times the rain will end and it will warm and windy, then a few minutes later you will get a tropical downpour. This patter will continue through the evening.
Late tonight an occluded front, (a cold front that merged with a warm front) will pass through the area. This will shut off the rain and there may even be some clearing by early Saturday around sunrise. By the way, sunrise is just after 7AM now. We will have our latest sunrise in 3 weeks when it comes just before 7:30AM. I hate these late sunrises, it’s very difficult to get motivated in the morning.
Saturday is a changeable day. After early morning clouds skies will become sunny and temperatures will be warm. I think that in the afternoon if you are in the sunshine you might actually think it is still summer. Highs will reach the lower 70s in many places. The sun however isn’t nearly as strong at it was a few months ago. The highest the sun gets this time of year is about the same as it would be around 9AM in the summer, pretty amazing. The lower sun angle is one of the reasons the light feels like morning all day long.
This will be the best day of the weekend with dry weather and a return to sunshine. I expect that the final day of the Regatta will be packed with spectators lining the Charles and enjoying a fine mid October day. Temperatures will reach the lower 60s in the afternoon so you won’t have to bundle up at all. As a matter of fact, if you are planning on being outside all day bring the sunscreen, you can still get burned this time of year.

Foliage October.png

The leaves are peaking across extreme south coastal Maine and down into much of southern New England this weekend. Sunday will be the best viewing day with the most sunshine but Saturday afternoon will also be good for seeing the leaves. The storm Friday with rain and wind will take a good percentage of leaves off the tree so be aware of that, but I expect the show to still be very good.
Apples and pumpkins
Local farms depend on our patronage this time of year for much of their revenue. If you have not yet visited a farm near you please think about doing so this weekend. Whether you are taking the kids or on a first date local farms provide a great venue to enjoy some of New England’s best fall offerings.

Gardening tips

This time of year one of the great perennials in the garden are the ornamental grasses. Ornamental grass gives the garden a different texture and brings movement to the garden. The flowers of the grasses come in a variety of shapes, color and textures. Check out the video to learn more about these great plants.

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