Mild week continues, tropical storm Sandy threatens

High pressure is moving eastward today and after some morning sunshine clouds will increase. Temperatures are going to be mild as highs reach into the 60s. Overnight a front will cross the area and there could be a shower or two but not heavy rain. Sunshine will return for Wednesday with temperatures a few degrees cooler but still mild nearing 60F.
While we enjoy tranquil weather there is another tropical storm that is poised to hit Jamaica, Haiti and perhaps even affect the United States next week. We will closely monitor this storm over the upcoming days. Got a weather question or want the inside track on the forecast? Follow me on Twitter at @growingwisdom and check out my latest videos at


Sandy, Sandy, Sandy.
I keep hearing Grease songs in my head every time I see an update from the Hurricane Center. The storm, currently in the southern Caribbean, will continue to move slowly north over the next several days. It appears that Jamaica and Haiti could both see some very serious rain and even wind from the system. Haiti in particular will suffer major damage if the rain I expect to hit them does happen.

Sandy Clouds October 23rd 2012.jpg

One of the reason the rain is so devastating to that island is because the people have removed nearly every tree from the land. Trees can drink thousands of gallons of water in a relatively short time and a forest of trees would help alleviate flood damage. This is one of the reasons parts of California as have issues with mud slides as there are no trees or extensive vegetation to absorb heavy rains.
The track
The storm is forecast to move across Jamaica and then over eastern Cuba. This track with give the entire area very heavy rain with perhaps over a foot of rain in the next two days. Sandy should also become a minimal hurricane sometime tomorrow.

Sandy October 23 2012.gif

Then the storm is then forecast to move east of the United States coastline. Early next week we could see some big waves and a few showers as a result of the storm passing to our east, but this is not going to have a direct impact to the United States. Nearly all models keep the storm safely away as you can see in the image below. Each line represents a different “guess” as how the storm will move over the upcoming days.


Local weather

Locally, the weather looks nice for much of this week. A shower or two late tonight followed by more sunshine and seasonable temperatures. The next chance of any rain after tonight won’t come until late in the weekend. Temperatures will continue to be mild by day and cool, but not cold, at night. On average we be 60F-65F in the afternoon and 40F-50F at night. This is certainly great weather to be outside in later October.
Gardening this week
There are many plants that bloom in the fall. Toad lily, asters, mums, joe pye weed, roses and many others wait or continue blooming into late fall. It’s a good idea to have a garden with plants that bloom in all different season. When I design my gardens I select plants that bloom from February to November here in the northeast. Additionally, but adding some special evergreens, I can bring color to the garden all year long.

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