Nor’easter to bring rain, wind and first snow

A cold night ahead for watching the election results. We are still on track to see a sizable storm but most of the heaviest wind and rain will be along the southeast coast of New England. There will be rain and there will be some snow, but I am not expecting huge amounts of either.


The similarities to Sandy with the upcoming storm are with strong winds. This is not to say that the winds will be as strong as Sandy, they won’t. However, this will be a windy storm and winds could cause some power issues especially at the coastline Wednesday night. The precipitation will begin in the afternoon Wednesday and when it starts it will, in many areas be mixed with or even all snow. I am not expecting much accumulation close to the coast although there may be a few inches west of route 495. There are wind warnings and advisories up for much of the coastal areas. Unlike Sandy, inland areas will be windy, but no advisories are in affect.


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The cold will stick around into the overnight and into Wednesday and this means that some areas could see their first snowflakes of the season. Very often when precipitation starts in November it can begin as snow. However, as is often the case, warmer air will move in from the ocean very quickly and any flakes will melt away to plain rain. The earlier the rain starts, the better chance you will see some snowflakes. The most likely spots for snow will be west of Route 495 and north of Route 2, but many of you will see some of the white stuff if you look hard. There will even be some accumulation of snow on car tops, decks and the grass. I will have a better idea of who gets what tomorrow.
Lets talk details of the storm. Energy is going to move in the jet stream and create a major nor’easter that will ride up the coast Wednesday and be passing by the area Thursday. The track, ever important, keeps New England on the cold side of the storm. As I mentioned in earlier blogs if this was December, we would be looking at major snowstorm. The models have been trending the storm slightly eastward and keeping the heaviest rain to our east. I am forecasting half and inch of rain to 2″ of rain across the entire area. Those areas west of Route 495 will be closer to .50 inches of precipitation and those folks down towards the Cape closer to the 1-2 inch mark.
The precipitation starts Wednesday afternoon and continues into early Thursday morning. The heaviest of the rain and snow will be falling Wednesday evening and the commute home could be in some snow for those of you traveling westward. Winds will be strongest on Wednesday night with gusts taking down some limbs and causing a few scattered power outages
Thursday is wet to start and cloudy to finish. I expect any snow to have turned to rain by then and if you had some accumulation in spots, it will be melting quickly away.
Could this be a snowstorm?
It is not likely this will turn into a snowstorm. If the storm stayed a bit further east and kept us slightly colder we could see an inch or two of wet snow on the grass into the suburbs of Boston, however, I can’t see a scenario where we are shoveling or plowing.
Next weekend
After the storm departs the weather patter may turn quite mild next weekend. The long range models have a nice southwest wind transporting very warm air for the time of year into the region. If the models end up correct we could see 60s again late next weekend.
Gardening this week
A cold few nights ahead and houseplants should be all inside. I have nearly all of my plants put away for the winter. Perhaps you had yours outside and moved them in recently. Did you prepare them properly? There are still several things you can do to keep them healthy. In this video I show you what I do to get my plants ready for winter.

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