Cold and stormy but better weather on the way

A snowy night has turned into a windy and wet day with rain and sleet in some areas but no more snowfall. Winds continue to howl, especially along the coast where they have gusted close to hurricane force. Scattered power outages continue in spots but the trend will be for those to diminish during the day. Low pressure is spinning just off our coastline this morning. The radar loop shows the counterclockwise spin of the rain as it backs into the eastern half of New England. The wettest and windiest part of the day will be this morning with a slow improvement later this afternoon and overnight. I send out weather updates throughout the day on Twitter at @growingwisdom please find me there.


Wind and snow
This storm had quite a bit of snow and wind with inland areas getting the most snow and the coast receiving the most wind. Snowfall was higher than expected as the cold air stuck around several hours longer than forecast. One of the reason for this was that the direction of the wind was more northerly than easterly.


When the winds stay closer to north, we have more of a land component and less of an ocean one. Since the ocean is warm this time of year an easterly wind will almost always change the snow to rain, even in January. Our current storm has provided a more northerly wind. Boston changed to snow as the winds lost their easterly component last evening.

Totals and gusts

The two maps below show some of the snow totals and wind gusts around the area. Some places in New Jersey got nearly a foot or even a bit more of snow. New York City had its earliest 4 inch snowfall on record and amazingly this is the second year in a row for record early snows in lots of the northeast.



This weekend
After the storm departs the weather patter will turn quite mild later this weekend. The long range models have a nice southwest wind transporting very warm air for the time of year into the region. I would not be surprised to see a 70F day on Monday in the upcoming pattern. Before we get there however tomorrow and Saturday will still be chilly reaching for the lower 50s in the afternoon. Sunday we will see sunshine and temperatures back in the mild 60s.
Gardening this week
A cold few nights ahead and houseplants should be all inside. I have nearly all of my plants put away for the winter. Perhaps you had yours outside and moved them in recently. Did you prepare them properly? There are still several things you can do to keep them healthy. In this video I show you what I do to get my plants ready for winter.

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