Indian Summer one more time then chilly

Super Sunday weather will be enjoyed today with sunshine and temperatures getting into the 60s. As if this wasn’t a big enough treat our weather turns even warmer on Monday with afternoon highs soaring into the upper 60s and lower 70s across the region. The added bonus of course is that Monday is a holiday for many of you and instead of looking at the great weather from your office cube, you can actually be out in it. If you are working tomorrow plan on lunch outside and try to block off that afternoon coffee break to walk around. There won’t be many more of these days this year, if any at all, so try to relish it!
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High pressure offshore is providing a southwest wind that is moving milder air into the region. This air will be here for the next couple of days before a cold front moves through on Tuesday and lowers our temperatures for the rest of the week. Start Tuesday afternoon winds will come from the northwest, a colder wind direction. The transition from mild to cold air will be marked by a few hours of showers later Monday night and Tuesday. Thereafter, drier and cooler air will rest over the areas the remainder of the week.


After a 10 day period that featured the “superstorm” and then a snowstorm I am very much looking forward to our one day of warmth tomorrow. It’s not that unusual to have a day or two of warm weather in November. This time of the year any time the jet steam moves to our north warm air is able to flow from the south into New England. The difference now from summer is that the pressure the cold air puts on the atmosphere will always win out and the warmth will be suppressed southward again.



On Tuesday, a cold front, the dividing line between warm and cool air, will move through the area. As this front passes off into the ocean winds will switch to a colder wind direction and temperatures will fall. Temperatures will start off mild Tuesday in the 50s but only reach the upper 50s before falling back later in the afternoon. Any showers that do occur will end around or just before the morning commute. Some sunshine will return through the day.
Wednesday into the weekend
The rest of the week and into next weekend looks cool and dry as temperatures stay in the 40s during the day and fall to the 20s to around freezing at night. I don’t see any storms on the horizon right now.
Any early peak at Thanksgiving week shows that the models are forecasting a storm, rain is most likely right now, in the Tuesday-Wednesday time frame. This far out that forecast could and will change, but I wanted to let you know what the very long range models are seeing. Traveling for the holiday will start this coming weekend and continue through next Wednesday. This week I will be updating the forecast for those areas of the country that might be impacted by bad weather.
Gardening-What to do with all those leaves.
This week I show you how to make your own much so that you can actually use all the leaves that are in the yard. Shredded leaves make great mulch and will help protect your plants this winter.

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