Temperatures continue to slowly fall

Temperatures last night were very warm and many places stayed in the 60s. Unfortunately warm weather fans temperatures are now on the decline and will continue to fall all morning. Some places have gone down 12 degrees in just a few minutes. The reason for the rapid drop is a strong cold front that is now pushing offshore. Cold fronts usually mark a change in air masses and today’s front is marking the divide between tropical air and cold Canadian air. Much of the Dakotas are in the single numbers and teens this morning and now some of that air is headed for New England. Look for updates between blogs on Twitter you can follow me there at @growingwisdom


This week
Although it is very cold in the upper Midwest our temperatures will not be quite that chilly. One of the things that happens with cold air is that is modifies, or warms as moves it away from it’s origin. Since the air over the Dakotas is from central Canada but the time it gets here the temperatures are not quite as chilly. For New England to get it’s coldest air the flow must come straight down from the poles and not cross the country first. I don’t see that pattern setting up yet.

temps now.png

Check out the huge change that was ocurring earlier today when temperatures were in the 40s to the west and 60s to the east and that is just in Massachusetts. Click the image to make it bigger.
Now that the cold front is moving east an area of high pressure will be in control for the rest of the week. The forecast is quite straightforward with sunshine during the day and clear skies at night. Our nights are now quite long and temperatures will fall to chilly levels each morning. I expect the afternoon highs this week to make it into the lower and middle 40s while overnight temperatures drop to just below freezing and into the upper 20s.
Next week
Thanksgiving itself looks cold and dry. However, many of the computer models are advertising another coastal storm in the Monday/Tuesday time frame. The exact details of how big the storm is going to be, whether it hits head on or gives us a glancing blow are very much in question. It does appear that there will NOT be enough cold air with this system for snow, but there could be significant rain and wind.
Gardening-What to do with all those leaves.
This week I show you how to make your own much so that you can actually use all the leaves that are in the yard. Shredded leaves make great mulch and will help protect your plants this winter.

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