Chilly and dry weather through the weekend

Temperature reality struck late yesterday as we went from highs in the 60s to morning lows in the 30s. The heavy showers marked an end to our balmy conditions and the start to a dry spell that lasts into the weekend. High pressure will remain in control of our weather throughout this period with a slight uptick in temperatures towards the 50 degree mark. Next week is a big travel one and the good news is that much of the country looks tranquil.Is there a weather topic you would like me to blog about? Ask me on Twitter at @growingwisdom and check out my latest videos at

With such calm weather the rest of the week, it becomes tough to find things to write about. One interesting note is that tides are astronomically high right now and there has even been some minor splash over at a few beaches. Many of us that don’t live on the ocean don’t realize that the height of each tide is a slightly different. The level at which the water rises and eventually falls during the tide cycle is quite variable. During the course of particular month the height of the high tide can vary by as much as 3 feet. Certain months, like November this year have even higher tides. These tide fluctuations are why you might notice the seaweed was pushed much further up onto the beach on a given summer afternoon. Imagine if a storm hit during an astronomically high tide, damage potential is much worse. Yesterday and this morning were some of our highest tides of the year, good thing that nor’easter wasn’t this week. These tide differences are important to mariners and coastal residents.

High and Dry

High pressure will control our weather for the rest of the work week and into the
weekend. High pressure means that the air is sinking back towards the earth and building up a bit more air in that spot.


As the air sinks, it tends to dry out and makes cloud development tougher., therefore we end up with sunshine. This week our high was born in Canada, in the colder regions of the hemisphere. As the system moves towards New England it brings the colder air along with it. Some of our coldest weather of the winter will eventually come from a strong high pressure area that can originate as far away as the North Pole.
Eventually, the high will move away and a new system will influence our weather. This looks to happen next week when a large ocean storm will develop around Monday and be to our east. The models seem to be trying to keep this storm offshore rather than give us a direct hit. It will too warm for snow even if we got the system, but it would hit during that peak travel time so we don’t need it. I will of course update the blog and twitter account as changes to the forecast happen.


Our holiday looks sunny and dry with chilly but not cold temperatures, perfect for a late day walk to burn off that extra piece of pie. There may be some rain on the west coast through Washington and Oregon, but amazingly the pattern that the models are suggesting for next week is quite tranquil. There are even some signs of a warming trend later next weekend. I know this is way away, but hopefully it will come to fruition.
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