Fine November weather continues into the upcoming workweek

Fine November weather continues into the upcoming workweek with seasonable temperatures and plenty of sunshine. The only places that look to have potential weather delays will be across the Pacific Northwest where a storm will come onshore and bring coastal rain and mountain snow. Here in the east a large ocean storm will be blocked from moving into our area by an area of high pressure to the north. This high will keep us dry through the holiday weekend. I am updating the forecast for Thanksgiving on Twitter @growingwisdom. It’s a great place to ask me questions and get specific details.


Temperatures this week look to be seasonable to mild and the trend will be for warmer weather especially towards Thanksgiving and into next weekend. The reason for the pause in any storminess is that the jet stream is taking a break from bringing us storm. The lack of any very cold air clashing with warm air is inhibiting major storms from reaching New England.

The longest range forecasts do show some precipitation trying to move into the area after the holiday but not before that time. If you are traveling to the Midwest this holiday plan on spring like temperatures well into the 60s and the deep south will be even warming into the 70s and 80s. There may be a few rain showers along the Florida coast but I don’t expect any travel related delays. Airports from Seattle to Portland could be impacted by low clouds fog and rain Tuesday through Thursday but the storm to affect that area will not be too large.
Football games are a big event across many areas Thursday and for all of them in New England the weather looks nearly perfect. I expect temperatures to be in the upper 30s at kick-off and could reach the 50F degree mark by noontime. Winds will be light as well. The sun does set around 4:15 this week and for the next 3 weeks will be as early as it is all year.

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