Mild Thanksgiving, colder end to weekend

A 40 plus mile backup on the Massachusetts Turnpike last night will most likely be repeated again this afternoon but at least the weather is cooperating. There will be clouds today and a few sunny breaks, but I expect the clouds to win out. If we are cloudy this afternoon that will help the traffic a tad as that eliminates the solar glare factor. Temperatures are mild and will remain that way through Saturday when a cold front will cross the region. Behind this front, another shot of colder Canadian air will arrive and remain in place much of next week. I still don’t see any snow in the forecast as we close out the month. It looks like much of the region will have had about the average amount of snow for November from that one storm a few weeks ago. For more weather info and to ask questions you can follow me on Twitter at @growingwisdom and check out my latest videos at

Back in 1989 I was forecasting for WTIC radio in Hartford. I always think back to my forecast, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving that year, as my biggest bust ever. There was a coastal storm that year that was expected to stay east of the area. (you know where this is going right?). I was working 3 PM to 11 PM and was forecasting “flurries” with a dusting or a bit more. That evening, I noticed the precipitation on radar backing in from the coastline and by the time I walked to my car at the end of the shift the snow was coming down hard and already coating the parking lot. My stomach sank. I had already been forecasting for several years, but I was young enough to know that this was going to be a really bad forecast. When I got up the next morning to drive to New York, I was greeted to 4″ of fluffy powder and much of the area from New York City up to southern New England had received a healthy 3-6 inches of snow. Forecasting has greatly improved in the past 23 years as has my own knowledge of the atmosphere. However, I like to remind myself that although we are better, we are not perfect and I am sure there is another major forecasting bust in my future. The good news is that I won’t be wrong about the forecast for tomorrow.
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Weather across the Country
Unless you are traveling to the Pacific northwest the weather looks to be mainly dry. While some airports in Seattle and Portland, Oregon could see delays the rest of the country will not be adversely affected by weather. The warmest spots will be in southern Texas and Arizona in the 80s while southern Florida is my pick for perfection with sunshine, low humidity and highs in Miami of around 75F all weekend.

Football weather

Thanksgiving is for eating, family and football and the weather looks great for all the games tomorrow. Even if it’s simply a pick-up game of touch football in the backyard, the weather this year will be about as good as is it gets. A mild flow of air will help to boost afternoon temperatures into the lower 50s. If we get full sunshine a few spots could reach the middle 50s. Winds will be light tomorrow and not a factor for that post meal afternoon or evening walk.


Truth be told I don’t get the fascination with shopping. I think that if I am a bad person in this life I end up having to walk around a mall on the day after Thanksgiving in perpetuity. That said, I know many of you will head out there and brave the crowds. Sunshine will be plentiful and temperatures so mild you will be able go from car to store without a jacket. For me, almost as bad as shopping is wearing a heavy coat into a store only having to carry it around all day. If you are enjoying the day off out of the malls, try to do something outside. Temperatures in the afternoon will reach the middle 50s and a few spots could touch 60F around 2 PM.

The weekend

The actual weekend will be a transitional one for weather. On Saturday we will start on the warm side of things while a cold front pushes through the area. This front will bring a few showers and usher in colder weather for Sunday. Sunday will be the brightest day of the weekend, but the coldest. While I expect highs on Saturday to once again reach 50F or a bit higher, we will struggle to see highs get into the 40s for Sunday. Much of next week looks bright and cold with hard freezes at night and afternoon temperatures reaching the 40s for a few hours each day.
Gardening-What to do with all those leaves.
This week I show you how to make your own much so that you can actually use all the leaves that are in the yard. Shredded leaves make great mulch and will help protect your plants this winter.

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