Sunny and mild, but winter chill lurking closeby

The rest of the day after Thanksgiving will remain a couple of degrees warmer than Thanksgiving reaching the middle and perhaps even upper 50s. I suggest you enjoy today as I am thinking this is our last day of mild weather for a while. Tomorrow a cold front will cross the area and usher in much colder air for the next week. High temperatures the rest of the weekend and next week will stay in the 40s during the day and several nights will fall into the 20s. During the middle of next there will be another storm affecting the area. There seems to be little question that there will be some precipitation Tuesday night or Wednesday but what type it takes is a big question. I’ll be tweeting about the storm potential onTwitter at @growingwisdom and check out my latest videos at

This time of the year many of us who have to do the annual fall clean-up are close to being done. If you are not quite finished with all the leaves, twigs and rolling up the hose, today is a great day to finish. While there could be another mild day with sunshine the rest of the year, there certainly won’t be many. December is close and it’s not out of the question we won’t see a day this nice the rest of this month or the rest of the year for that matter. With this in mind, try to enjoy some part of the weather today.
Tomorrow and the weekend.
Take a look at the four panel map below. This is a map of air temperature at about 5000 feet, the same height as Mount Washington, from yesterday through tomorrow. You might think what does the air temperature at that height have to do with the temperature here on the ground. Meteorologists use the temperatures at this level to estimate the temperature at the ground. The reason we use this level is that it isn’t affect by the heating of the sun and it shows us where air masses are at a given moment. So if you look at the maps you will notice a blast of cold air moving south towards the east coast. This colder air will push out the mild air and drop our temperatures significantly.


Just before the change in air mass there may be a shower or two. This simulated radar for early tomorrow morning shows a line of showers push east. This line is not extensive so any showers that occur will be brief and over by early morning. Tomorrow I expect there to be increasing amounts of sunshine and increasing winds.


Sunday through Tuesday
The end of the weekend and the start of the week will be tranquil and chilly. I expect temperatures will be under freezing from about 7 PM each night until about 9 AM each day. Having over 12 hours of below freezing temperatures will allow the ground to begin to freeze. I recommend getting those snow stakes in the ground now so that you don’t have to fight the hard earth in a few days. During the afternoon highs will make it in the 40s, but with low angle of the sun this time of of the year it will feel cold all day.
Next storm threat
This winter we will have many storms threatening the area. Threats don’t always materialize but I am committed to letting you know where things stand up to the moment. Right now our computer models have two basic scenarios for the middle of the week. Scenario one is a storm that moves to our west and keeps New England on the milder side. This would bring a few showers or a steady period of rain to the region. Scenario two is that a storm develops to our east and keeps New England on the cold side. In this second scenario we would see rain or snow and rain. As usual, the forecast will get better the closer we get to the event. Stay tuned.
Gardening-What to do with all those leaves.
This week I show you how to make your own much so that you can actually use all the leaves that are in the yard. Shredded leaves make great mulch and will help protect your plants this winter.

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