It’s going to feel and maybe look like winter

A mild start to the day will turn cold later this afternoon as a new wintry air mass moves into the region. Temperatures this afternoon won’t change much from the mild morning remaining in the 40s. Overnight a hard freeze will take place as the mercury falls well into the 20s. As a gusty wind blows, the air will feel even colder. If you are going to be walking around the area tonight take a hat with you. I know hats aren’t considered fashionable by some, but they truly do keep you much warmer. Monday and Tuesday will be sunny, cold and dry before the threat of snow or rain moves into the area later Tuesday night and Wednesday.As I get new information about the storm threat I will update on Twitter at @growingwisdom and check out my latest videos at

Next storm threat
This winter we will have many storms threatening the area. Threats don’t always materialize but I am committed to letting you know where things stand up to the moment. Right now our computer models have two basic scenarios for the middle of the week. Scenario one is a weak storm that moves to our west and keeps New England on the milder side. The storm then becomes huge but too late to impact the area. This would bring a few showers or a steady period of rain to the region. Scenario two is that a storm develops to our east and keeps New England on the cold side. The storm becomes stronger earlier. In this second scenario we would see rain or snow and rain. There would be a major snowstorm for parts of New England. As usual, the forecast will get better the closer we get to the event. Check out the image below. This is the worst case scenario with the upcoming snow as it shows over a foot of snow for the mountains of northern New England. For this to happen the storm would have to intensify and remain to our east.


Other models are keeping the storm very weak until it goes by our area. I am leaning towards this scenario right now with just light rain and yes, even snow for Tuesday night and early Wednesday. It is a good bet that the storm will intensify eventually and therefore winds will increase as it passes. Thursday and Friday will be cold and windy with temperatures not get out of the 30s all day. This means the ground is going to freeze up and stay frozen for next weekend. If you mark your driveway or walkway for winter, I recommend putting in the snow stakes today.
Gardening-What to do with all those leaves.
This week I show you how to make your own much so that you can actually use all the leaves that are in the yard. Shredded leaves make great mulch and will help protect your plants this winter.

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