Snow to have minor impact to evening commute

Snow is now slowly ending and most roads will remain wet and not white. If you are traveling southwest through Connecticut this evening areas around Hartford and throughout northeastern Connecticut into northwestern Rhode Island could see an additional inch of snow. As expected the bulk of the precipitation has stayed to our south. Since temperatures should remain just around freezing the threat of icy spots is minimal until after 11PM. Behind this system a cold shot of air will be in place the rest of the week. What you will notice is that as it gets darker any snow that falls will tend to stick on the grass, cars and sidewalks.
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The radar trend this afternoon and early evening shows the snow winding down as it moves eastward. While there will be some snow in the air for a few more hours, this will end up being a non-event of weather. The heaviest, if you want to call it that, snow has been confined to south of Route 495 and Route 1.


Meteorologists often use roadways to mark the dividing line for how far a line of showers, an area of snow, or simply clouds will move. The reason we use roadways as weather markers is two fold. First, roads were often build in areas where the terrain changed. For example, much of Route 91, which runs north south from Connecticut through Vermont runs in a valley. Weather is different to the east and west of this valley. If you look at the Massachusetts turnpike the elevation changes a bit as you move north and you lose some of the influence of the air coming off the south shore. Other roads like Route 95 run along the shoreline and therefore areas to the west are often a bit colder in winter and warmer in summer. This road often marks the rain-snow line in winter and the western extent of cooling sea breezes in summer. When you read that a particular weather phenomena is forecast to not pass a certain road you have to realize that weather doesn’t know where the road really is and therefore the line can be off by several miles in either direction. However, roadways do make good markers and because so many people are familiar with them they give everyone a good visual.
This evening’s weather
The snow will continue to move eastward late this afternoon and as the sun sets a few slippery spots will develop once the temperatures fall below freezing. Much of the snow that has fallen melted on impact so even if you got 1/2 inch of snow earlier, likely melted already. Now that it’s dark, there could still be 1/2 inch to 1″ accumulation on the grass and cars mostly giving some spots interior south shore that 1 to 2 inch total. If you live north of the Mass Pike in to New Hampshire expect not much more than some flurries.


Rest of the week
After the storm passes late tonight and early tomorrow cold dry air will filter in the region. This air mass from Canada will bring back sunshine mixing with clouds, but keep it cold. During the day through Saturday temperatures in the afternoon will barely reach 40F. I expect the chilliest day to be Friday when many areas remain in the 30s despite sunshine.
The weekend
Saturday will be dry and chilly but a three day warm-up begins on Sunday. Winds will shift to the southwest and highs will rebound back into the lower 50s. I expect this milder air to continue into early next week before we return to a wintry chill again about Wednesday December 4th.
Gardening this week
This week I am continuing the long process of putting the gardens to bed for the winter. I don’t cover tender plants until the ground is frozen. Putting straw, hay etc. around the plants too early creates a good home for mice and voles. I did plant my garlic yesterday however, just in the nick of time I feel. Check out the video below to see how I mulch many of my plants for winter.

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