Snow ends this afternoon, milder Sunday

This afternoon snow will continue to move eastward after coating the ground and giving some folks up to 1 inch. The snow is the result of warmer air beginning to move north. As the milder air hits the cold air over us, it is lifted upward in a process called overrunning. This weather phenomena is what is creating this snow this morning.

overrunning snow.png

Eventually, the mechanism that is creating the overrunning will cease and the snow will end. The heaviest of the snow is now over. However, look for periodic snow or some freezing drizzle (where temperatures remain below 32F) until dark. Any accumulation this afternoon will be light.
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By now most of you know that the weather is going to turn quite mild starting later tomorrow and continue into early Wednesday. This morning was for many the coldest day of the season so far. Boston went under 30F for the first time since last spring. As the warmer air continues to push northwards periodic light snow, freezing drizzle and eventually a few rain showers will move through the region. Most of the snow has already occurred however, there will still be slippery roads, especially north and west of Worcester this afternoon and evening. Overnight temperatures will continue their slow climb so that everyone will be above freezing by early Sunday morning.

Sunday through Tuesday

The warmer air will be firmly entrenched during this period. There could be a few rain showers later Sunday night and early Monday as a weak disturbance moves through, otherwise a blend of clouds and peaks of sunshine will be the rule for Sunday and mostly sunny skies for Monday and Tuesday. This will be a good chance to put away any summer furniture, hoses and anything else you don’t want outside all winter.
Temperatures will reach into the 50s all three days and may hit 60F on Tuesday if we get full sunshine. This is significantly above what one would expect this time of the year.

average highs Boston.png

The graph shows that during December temperature will fall quite a bit from the start to the end of the month. We don’t resume our incline in temperature until the third week of January.
Gardening this week
This week I am continuing the long process of putting the gardens to bed for the winter. I don’t cover tender plants until the ground is frozen. Putting straw, hay etc. around the plants too early creates a good home for mice and voles. I did plant my garlic yesterday however, just in the nick of time I feel. Check out the video below to see how I mulch many of my plants for winter.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this blog or any others. Please follow me on Twitter at @growingwisdom and check out my latest videos at


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