Cold for a day, then milder again

Another quick shot of cold air entered the region last night as temperatures fell over 30 degrees from the 50s to the 20s. Today will be bright and sunny but quite cold with temperatures remaining in the 30s for much of the day. The air is dry and you might want to think about getting the humidifier cleaned out and ready for future use. I don’t expect the air to be so dry that we need humidifiers just yet, but shortly you will and I will let you know when that type of air is about to arrive. On Friday and into the weekend milder air makes another run back towards New England and temperatures will be in the upper 40s and even lower 50s once again. I still don’t see any significant snow in the forecast for about the next 10 days. That puts us all the way to the middle of the month.

It’s cold out there this morning especially compared to twenty-four hours ago when the high for yesterday was reached. Temperatures started slowly declining about 24 hours ago and have just bottomed out in the past few hours. The combination of very weak sunshine and cold air in place will prevent the mercury from rising much today.
A series of weather systems
Starting late tomorrow a couple of weather systems will move through the area. The first of these systems will bring a period of showers to the region Friday night and some of Saturday. Temperatures will be warm enough that all the precipitation will be liquid. On Sunday a bubble of colder air will push southward into the area. Then, later Sunday afternoon and night more moisture will stream north. If the cold air hold at the ground long enough then we could see some icing or sleet when the precipitation begins late Sunday evening. The likely spots for this would be north of Route 2 and further into southern New Hampshire and Vermont. This doesn’t appear to me to be a major event, but any icing causes issues with driving so stay tuned.
Next week
The long range outlook keeps much of the east warmer than normal through the middle of the month.

snow depth.png

This doesn’t mean we won’t have cold days, like today, but it does mean on balance there will be more mild days than cold ones. Next week starts unsettled with more rain showers. Colder weather follows but, as I mentioned, won’t last long or be very intense. It looks like the lack of snow on the ground across New England will hang around for a bit longer.
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How to grow your own garlic
Believe it or not you can still plant garlic this time of year for a summer harvest. I planted mine a few days ago and it is already rooting. In order to plant garlic you need to get garlic bulbs that can be planted. You could rush order online or try buying some organic garlic from a supermarket and use that as a first start. You need to use organic garlic because other garlic can be treated with a growth inhibitor.

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