Cold night on the way and chilly Wednesday

It was quite comfortable today with the sunshine this afternoon. Now temperatures are quickly falling back into the 30s and will fall further into the 20s overnight. Tomorrow will be the chilliest day in quite a while with highs struggling to get out of the 30s. A moderation in temperature will take place for Friday when highs reach back towards 50F with sunshine. Then, two storms will play a role in the forecast before Christmas. The first, will move through later Sunday and early next week with some rain or snow. The second looks to take place around the 20th and is now leaning snow but rain or nothing is not out of the question.I will be tweeting about the upcoming storms on Twitter at @growingwisdom

Clear and cold weather tonight will leave roads dry. Sunshine will be back for Wednesday but it will cold with a flow from Canada. The cold air continues to try to take hold and eventually it looks like a bit of a battle will ensue later this weekend. However, before that happens high pressure will keep us rain and snow free the rest of the work week. Tomorrow is going to feel quite cold especially after a few days of mild air and no freezing temperatures since early Friday morning last week! When you get up tomorrow most spots will have temperature readings into the 20s and, although the official high Wednesday may hit 40F, most of the time it will be in the 30s.
Thursday through Saturday
A nice stretch of tranquil weather across the area will give shoppers and commuters a chance to get places without the weather being a factor. The one issue will be solar glare, which this time of year is at its worst from about 7AM to 10AM and then again after 2PM until the sun sets at 4:12PM. Speaking of the sun, if you are feeling depressed or frustrated at the lack of sunshine try to get outside for 30 minutes and expose yourself to the sunshine. If your body can get some natural rays around noon every day it will help keep your body clock in tune and also limit the affects of the long nights on your mood.


Both major computer models we use are forecasting unsettled weather here late this weekend and again mid-week next week. The first storm certainly looks to take place when the air is on the edge of being too warm for any snow in Boston but that rain snow line could be as close as Route 495 or even Route 128. This doesn’t look like a major storm. The second storm, which will be our second and last chance to get a white Christmas could be snow or rain. The track of the storm next week is going to be all over the place with regard to the models for the next few days. One minute it looks like rain, then 12 hours later snow, then nothing. So suffice to say something will be brewing next week, but how it evolves is a big question.

White Christmas?

I know many folks would love to see a white Christmas. Remember, the chances that any area across New England has a snow on the ground Christmas morning are highly variable.

white christmas chances.png

The chances are quite different in the major cities of the 6 state region with Caribou, Maine the highest at close to 100%. Here are some other probabilities of a white Christmas for a few cities: Boston 23%, Concord, N.H. 87%, Hartford 57%, Portland, Maine 83%, and Providence 37%. Here in the Boston area the chances increase as you drive west on the Massachusetts Turnpike doubling by the time you hit Worcester. Our long range models keep us dry into next weekend and then show a storm potential around the 20th. This may be one of only two shots at getting any show before the 25th. If you are traveling this Christmas you might end up heading to a spot with snow. As you would expect the chances of seeing snow for Christmas are greatest across the northern tier of the United States.


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How to grow your own garlic
Believe it or not you can still plant garlic this time of year for a summer harvest. I planted mine a few days ago and it is already rooting. In order to plant garlic you need to get garlic bulbs that can be planted. You could rush order online or try buying some organic garlic from a supermarket and use that as a first start. You need to use organic garlic because other garlic can be treated with a growth inhibitor.

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