Three storms to impact area before Christmas

I can’t blog without mentioning what went on in Connecticut today. Words fail me and I just feel incredibly sad for all of us. In some ways this reminds me of that loss I felt after 9-11. We had seen terrorists attacks before, but that crystal clear September morning forever changed me. None of us should ever know this kind of evil that happened this morning, and the fact it has touched so many young children, hits me at my very core.

As adults we all know life continues in spite of the horror that can happen around us. Tomorrow many of you will go about your shopping for Christmas, do your Saturday errands and head to a movie or dinner to relax on the weekend. The weather looks to cooperate for the first part of the weekend before turning unsettled later Sunday and continuing though much of next week. Once the unsettled weather begins it looks to continue through much of the upcoming week and there could be significant amounts of rain or snow before next weekend.I”ll be updating the forecast and more on Twitter at @growingwisdom


The best weather of the next 5 days will take place tomorrow. Sunshine will be abundant and temperatures will be cold remaining in the 30s all day. Roads will remain dry and the biggest issue you will have weather-wise will be solar glare which remains a factor for nearly the entire day.
Sunday, storm one
Much of the day will be dry Sunday. I do expect precipitation to break out in the afternoon in the form of snow and mixed rain and snow. The precipitation will slowly change to rain during the course of the late afternoon and evening from the coast and move inland From Route 495 and Route 2 northward the precipitation will remain in frozen form longer and therefore there will be a greater chance of some accumulation and slippery roads into Monday morning.


Monday-Friday, storms two and three
Monday, the first round of precipitation will be moving northward and we will get into a bit of a lull. This lull lasts through early Tuesday morning. Tuesday and Wednesday there is going to be another storm affecting the area. Right now we don’t know the exact track of this storm but it is appearing that it will be too warm for snow at the coast. Inland areas and northern New England have the best chance of seeing plowable snow from this system.
I then expect another break later Wednesday into Thursday before the third system influences our weather late next week. Again, track, amount of cold air and strength of the storm will all determine how this third and final storm before Christmas will affect New England.
If you are looking up tonight you might spot Jupiter as well. Jupiter is one of the brightest objects in the sky rising after sunset to the southeast and remaining in the sky most of the night. If you want to see Mars look to the southwestern sky at sunset as the reddish object will be that planet setting for the night. If you are up super early you can catch Venus rising in the eastern sky about 2 hours before the sun.

jupiter bright.jpg

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Caring for poinsettias
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