A few rain and snow showers this afternoon, snow potential Saturday

Wind and rain pounded much of eastern Massachusetts overnight and has now moved north of the region As we go through the afternoon there is the risk for a rain or snow shower. Some of you to the south of Boston could see glimpse of sun for a few minutes. If you live in one of those areas that saw snow last night try to push it out of the way as it will slowly freeze overnight. We are not looking at an arctic blast behind this storm. For snow lovers, the computer models are now trying to give us a storm for late Saturday. I hate when the models zig-zag around like this, it makes for too many changes in the forecast. I will have more information later this afternoon on Saturday’s storm. I will be updating the forecast all day Twitter at @growingwisdom

surface map this morning.png

Our storm was tucked under Long Island this morning and moving steadily northeast. The storm will move into the Gulf of Maine later today and then exit into the Canadian Maritimes. The air behind the system isn’t super cold so I am not expecting a flash freeze this afternoon or even overnight. Temperatures will go down slowly enough that roads will dry before it gets too cold.
Winds have howled much of the night. See the map below which shows some of the stronger gusts of wind.

wind gusts.png

The big snow totals are going to end up in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine, but here in Massachusetts we have had some accumulating snow.

snowfall so far.png

You can click on the image to make it bigger. Notice how sharp the edge to the snowfall is here. The reason for that is the wind off the water penetrated that far inland.

Weekend storm

The models we use to forecast told me yesterday the storm for Saturday will be going out to sea. When I reviewed the same models this morning, they are now trying to say the storm will come close enough to impact our area with accumulating snow possible. When models flip-flop like this we have to wait to see two or three forecasts from them that are consistent before I am confident what will happen. I will have a much better idea later today and this evening. Before any storm does happen the weather looks dry and chilly for Friday and Saturday. The snow would move into the area later Saturday night and continue the first part of Sunday. This storm will be a snow or no snow situation and rain should not be an issue.
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