Snow threat for Cape, cold end to work week.

After some snow yesterday, this morning finds us mostly sunny and typically cold for January. Actually, this afternoon temperatures will still be a bit milder than you might expect, rising into the lower 40s. A cold front is to our west right now and I drew a line on the map below to show where this front is located. Like most cold fronts, the weather behind the front gets colder. As the front pushes through the area today colder air will rush in and by tomorrow morning many of you will be 20 degrees colder than this morning. Highs tomorrow, unlike today, will be below average and remain in the 20s. A storm will also threaten Cape Cod and points south overnight riding just ahead of this front. This means some snow is possible in those areas for a few hours late tonight before clearing tomorrow. I will be updating the forecast frequently and I will answer any of your questions on Twitter at @growingwisdom


Temps now.png

Tough call on the snow
Forecasting can be tough and it seems like the past few storms have just not been very clear cut in terms of what will happen. Yesterday, we had to deal with the rain-snow line very close to Boston. Tonight, we have to determine just how close a storm will come to the area. What we do know is that the storm will not come so close as to give most of the region accumulating snow. However, from the Cape Cod canal south and east, the storm may come just close enough to graze the area with either a dusting or a couple of inches of snow. Right now I am leaning towards a dusting to 1 inch of snow for much of that area. My forecast is based on two of the models I like to review when forecasting. Last night both models were close to each other, but one, the GFS, has the snow slightly further north. The image below shows one of the many maps from each model, but it gives you an idea of how different, yet close, they can be to each other. Later this afternoon another “run” or set of maps comes out from each model. I am hoping the two agree a bit better.

Two models.png

The weekend
Our weekend weather looks quite nice with a lot of sunshine and temperatures in the 40s. This is the last time we will be this warm for many days. Sunday, an arctic cold front will slip through the area and usher in the coldest air of the winter. Some areas next week will get close to zero for their low temperatures. While this won’t be record breaking cold, it will be quite the shock to what we have been experiencing lately. A storm will threaten the area Monday, but as of this entry, it looks to stay out to sea. However, we are in an active pattern and things can change very fast.
Speaking of changing very fast don’t be fooled by the mild day Sunday. If you leave for the game in the afternoon it might be near 40F, but, by the end of the game the temperature will have fallen nearly 20F off that earlier high reading. Also, winds will be brisk making it feel even colder. Dress for a cold winter night and you will be happy you did.
Gardening-Keeping houseplants happy inside
This week I took a trip to a greenhouse at Sage farm to see how they keep there plants looking so great all winter. Check it out, even if you don’t have houseplants, you can see a bit of spring.

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