Mild Sunday, then much colder with two snow events next week

After a nice afternoon with temperatures in the 40s we do it all over again tomorrow with even more sunshine. It will still be quite windy Sunday and that could affect the game in Foxboro. For the second weekend in a row, it feels more like spring than winter. However, there are changes on the way, and the cold you have no doubt been hearing about will arrive Monday. The colder air will filter into the region tomorrow night. Temperatures Sunday will reach the lower 40s, but rapidly fall after dark. I expect it to be in the 30s for the start of the Patriots game Sunday evening, and into the 20s three hours later. Winds will be gusty Sunday, so although it will be in the 40s, it won’t feel as mild as readings will show. Sunday will be sunnier than it was today along with that brisk wind. I often update the forecast and other gardening tips on Twitter at @growingwisdom and check out my latest videos at


Cold and snow are in the forecast for the upcoming week, with neither setting any records. I don’t have to tell you how much publicity the weather receives, and the upcoming cold will certainly be covered almost as incessantly as a snowstorm. The next seven days is going to feature some of the most wintry weather we have seen in two years. Let me address the cold first. The cold this week will be…cold. I am sitting here trying to think about ways to say it’s January, and it’s cold. This reminds me of the hype around heat in July. Temperature extremes can certainly cause problems. A protracted heat wave puts a lot of strain on people who must be out in the heat for a long time, and also increases demand on our electrical grid. However, 99% of us end up just dealing with it. This week, cold air from Canada will drop our temperatures dramatically. Afternoon highs during the upcoming workweek will not get above freezing in nearly all of New England. I expect the cold to arrive in two pieces. The first pool of cold air will arrive Sunday night. Temperatures will fall to the teens by Monday morning and remain in the 20s all day. Monday night, another coastal storm will threaten southern New England and may provide light amounts of snow. Right now I am expecting a dusting to a few inches of snow, but the track of the storm won’t be solidified until late this weekend.
After the storm passes, a second colder blast of air will move south from Canada. This air is cold enough that temperatures Wednesday and Thursday mornings will be running 5 above to 10 below zero. High temperatures Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will remain in the teens to perhaps lower 20s. This type of cold is hard for folks that have to work outside. When I am driving around, in my warm car, I feel sympathy for the crossing guard, construction worker, or utility person who has to spend hours working in those kind of temperatures. But, we live in a climate where it gets cold in winter and hyping the cold to be more than it is hurts the credibility of the source. There won’t be any records set with this cold, nor will it last for weeks on end. You want big cold, head to Langdon, North Dakota next week, the high temperature Monday might hit a balmy 13 below zero for a few hours, that’s cold.
Whenever arctic air is in place across New England any moisture that falls will do so in the form of snow. Also, if we get snow it will be light and fluffy. We have two shots at some snow during the next week.

Surface this week.png

The first chance comes Monday night when a storm will pass to our east. The map above shows the forecast position of the low. The purple represents the extent of the snow. The western area of snow may come close enough to given eastern areas a bit of accumulating snow Monday night and early Tuesday. The second chance for snow comes next weekend when some of the computer models we look at are forecasting another storm to threaten the area. I know you probably don’t need reminding, but a 7 day forecast is very tentative so I wouldn’t plan around the storm just yet. You can see one of the forecast maps below. This will no doubt change several times between now and next weekend.


Gardening this week
All the dry air associated with the cold isn’t good for our indoor houseplants. Recently, I took a trip to greenhouse and saw how they care for their plants in winter. Hopefully, some of the tips help to keep your plants healthy until spring. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this blog or any others. Please follow me on Twitter at @growingwisdom and check out my latest videos at

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