Warm night with possible damaging wind and heavy rain

We have a warm and windy night on the way. Temperatures will stay in the 50s the entire night and you can leave your windows open and turn off the heat. While the mild air is welcome, the wind is going to become a problem overnight. Winds will increase and could be strong enough to cause some minor damage and power outages.

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The reason for the wind is that we have an enormous temperature contrast over the eastern half of the United States. The planet is always trying to achieve balance and the fact that such a huge difference in temperature exists ends up creating a big difference in air pressure. The air then tries to achieve balance and the wind is the result. The greater the differences in temperature and pressure the more wind we will see.

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The cold and warm air clashing is also the reason for the January outbreak of tornadoes. Warm and moist air from the Gulf of Mexico is streaming north at the same time cold and dry air is headed south from Canada. The ingredients are coming together for this severe weather event. While I don’t see any severe weather here, I would not be surprised to hear the rumble of thunder overnight.
Along with the wind there is an intense line of rain that has to move through the area tonight.


I expect up to an inch of rain to fall with the line of showers as it pushes through late tonight and early in the morning. Temperatures will stay steady most of the night in the 40s and 50s and most if not all of the snow will be gone by morning if it isn’t already.
Tomorrow temperatures will be warmest in the morning with the gusty wind and then tend to fall throughout the day. I don’t expect us to fall below freezing until after dark. Since it will be so windy, a flash freeze isn’t an issue.
The end of the week and into the weekend will be colder with highs in the low 30s. There is the chance for flurries or snow showers Friday and again later Sunday but I don’t see any big storms in sight. The cold air will hang tough, but not as cold as last week.
This week I am putting up a video on how to build the perfect container. While you might not be thinking of gardening this week, you can plant pansies in 8 weeks and if you have protective covering some vegetables can be planted in another 5 weeks. More on how I do that in upcoming blogs.

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