Just a few showers left, sunshine for the afternoon

Howling winds kept temperatures at almost summer-like levels all night. Winds have been stronger than they were in Sandy in many places. Blue Hill in Milton has topped hurricane force winds at 77 MPH this morning. The worst of the winds are over, but it will continue to be windy with scattered power outages this morning. Boston and most of southern New England have seen temperatures in the upper 50s since late yesterday afternoon.1

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I was able to not only turn off the heat, but sleep with the windows wide open. This extreme weather in January gets all sorts of mixed reactions for sure, I personally love the break. I actually left several of my plants that were struggling through winter inside on the deck all night. They seem a bit happier this morning. Unfortunately for snow enthusiasts, this warmth has done a lot of damage to local ski areas. Also, do not venture on pond or lake ice as it has been severely weakened by the warm weather. Please follow me on Twitter at @growingwisdom where I will be updating the forecast. I would love to hear from you.


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Showers will move through the region this morning and some will be heavy. I don’t expect any severe weather embedded in the showers although the timing will certainly slow down the morning commute. A strong cold front is crossing the region this morning and will usher back winter for tonight. Temperatures will be warmest before noon and fall back to the upper 30s by dark. The records for today are:
There is an outside chance that these records could be broken this morning before the colder air arrives.
Seasonable cold weather will refreeze the ground and allow ski areas to make snow. The snow loss overnight was dramatic and many areas up the coast through Maine have bare ground as we close out January.
We do have the chance for some snow here later Saturday night and Sunday and again Monday or Monday night. Right now neither of those opportunities looks to be significant. While colder weather will certainly be here much of this weekend and next week, I don’t see anything as dramatic as the recent cold and there are signs of even less cold as we head into the second week of February. So far, while this winter is not as mild as the last, it’s proving to be quite tame.
This week I am putting up a video on how to build the perfect container. While you might not be thinking of gardening this week, you can plant pansies in 8 weeks and if you have protective covering some vegetables can be planted in another 5 weeks. More on how I do that in upcoming blogs.

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