Historical snowfall totals

I put together a list of snowfall totals as I have them this morning. Scroll down as this is no particular order. This has been a top 10 storm for many people and the biggest snowstorm ever in terms of snow totals for others. Portland, ME set a new all-time snow total record. While we did have blizzard warnings in effect for much of the storm as a point of definition we never officially had a blizzard. We had blizzard conditions, but they didn’t last long enough for the storm to qualify as a blizzard. According to the definition, we would have needed to have 35 mile per hour wind, combined with one-quarter mile visibility (or less) and it had to have lasted for 3 hours or longer. That did not occur in this storm, so imagine if this had been a blizzard!

Snow Totals1.jpg

Essex county.png

Mass totals west.png

Maine Totals.png


New Hampshire Totals.png

I’d love to learn about your total snowfall amounts and see your pictures. You can send them to me on Twitter at @growingwisdom enjoy the storm.

Rhode Island Totals.png

NH Totals.png

Wind gusts blizzard 2013.png

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