Quick hitting, but intense storm for Sunday

A rapidly developing storm to the south of New England will pass to the east of Cape Cod Sunday and then move into eastern Canada Sunday night. A difference of just 20 miles further east or west on the track of this storm will impact snow totals by several inches. I am forecasting Boston to get somewhere around 3 inches from this storm. If the storm passes closer to the coast, Boston would see over 6 inches of snow, a track a bit further east and the city is spared, with not more than a dusting.


It still appears that the heaviest snow will stay east of the Cape Cod Canal. I suspect areas just south of Boston, closest to the water, could see several inches more snow than areas just 20 miles to the west. I’ll be updating the snow situation on Twitter at @growingwisdom and feel free to send me a question.


There is a winter storm warning in effect for coastal Massachusetts for much of Sunday. There is also a winter weather advisory roughly to the west of Route 128. These warnings are based on steady snow that starts to fall early Sunday morning. While meteorologically this is going to be an intense storm, it’s not going to be a crippling snowstorm. The worst of the wind and snow takes place over Cape Cod. Boston will have several hours of snow and wind, but this is not a major impact storm.

Weekend storm.png

While I am not expecting a big snowstorm in Boston, it should be a plowable one. The forecast track of a coastal storm is never exactly right. I will be watching this situation hourly and make adjustments to the forecast as necessary. The storm will also be close enough to eastern Maine to bring accumulating snow to that coast where a blizzard watch is up, east of Rockland.
As the storm passes by the area Sunday winds will increase. The storm will become very strong Sunday afternoon and therefore winds will reach speeds over 40 miles per hour, mostly in gusts. As the storm passes the state of Maine, it could bring blizzard conditions to eastern areas of that state and blizzard watches are posted.
As I am writing this blog, the steady snow still hasn’t developed over the area. Between roughly 3 AM and Noon should be the best time for Boston to receive accumulating snow. The snow will last somewhat longer on Cape Cod. The map below shows my best estimate for how much snow the region will see by the time this storm is done. Remember, if the storm wobbles towards or away the coast, it will move the predicted accumulation bands in the same direction. Speaking of Cape Cod, the combination of wind and snow will create near blizzard conditions for a time in that area around sunrise Sunday continuing much of the morning.

new totals2.png

I’d love to hear from you. Please find me on Twitter at @growingwisdom and send me a question.

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