Snow ending around midnight

Evening update
Radar shows snow continuing across eastern New England at this hour with some roads now snow covered. The snow will end around midnight with areas east of Route 128 ending up with a total of 1 to 2 inches of snow. Much more snow has already fallen in Northern Worcester County. Generally 5-10 inches of snow has fallen in those areas. The afternoon blog is below.

At times it looks like a snowstorm and at other times just snow showers. Rain has changed to snow over many areas from Boston north this afternoon. Temperatures remain above freezing over Cape Cod and are now nearing the freezing mark from Boston westward to Worcester. North of the Massachusetts turnpike it is a bit colder, but the snow is still wet. Temperature this afternoon will continue to inch lower meaning that when any additional precipitation forms, it will trend towards a change to snow. The changeover will make it south of Boston this afternoon and perhaps even Cape Cod after dark.

today expect.png

Those areas that change to or are already snow will see several inches. Boston and points south see less. Those of you on Cape Cod could see a quick slushy accumulation before the entire system ends. Plowing at times will be the order of the day over northern Worcester county, while wet roads are the theme for the majority of you.

I’ll be updating the forecast all weekend on Twitter at @growingwisdom please send me your reports there.

Very heavy snow is happening now over interior southern New Hampshire and up into much of Southern Maine. Some areas will see close to 15 or 16 inches of snow by dark. This give you an idea of what we missed and to tell you the truth, I am quite happy about it. The biggest impact in our area was and is over parts of Worcester County and some areas of northern Middlesex County and near the New Hampshire border. As colder air filters into the entire state this afternoon expect conditions to change and you could end up driving through some slush, especially during the second half of the afternoon. For the majority of us, this is still just a nuisance and not notable weather system. The most likely time for snow around Boston will be from 3 PM to 8 PM this evening.
Remember the storm that hit the Midwest a couple of days ago? That storm was forecast to merge, along with another storm from the Gulf of Mexico, into one big nor’easter along the coast. While a nor’easter did form, it never got the energy from the Midwest storm. Therefore, instead of a big nor’easter, we just end up with two bursts of precipitation, our first one yesterday and another one today into the first part of the night. Today’s snow and rain will be enhanced by energy high in the atmosphere, around 18,000 feet. This is the piece of energy that was supposed to meet the coastal storm, but never did. As colder air works into the region this afternoon, the rain will change to snow and help create to slower Sunday evening travel. There may be some shoveling for those who haven’t had any yet, but nothing more than an inch or two for the majority of you. The map below gives a rough idea of the potential snow from now until this system is over. The snow will most readily accumulate on colder surfaces and lastly, if at all, on the major roads.

latest snowfall total3.jpg

The week ahead
The weather looks quiet for Monday before another round of showers moves into the area sometime on Tuesday evening. Much of next week looks to continue unsettled, but there won’t be any major cold or heavy snow, just “rather blah” (that is a very technical term) conditions that will make you yearn for some sunshine. As we head into March, questions about spring are sure to come. Right now the large scale pattern is very different than the past two years when spring came very early. Until we see a shift in the jet stream, our weather will feel more like winter.
Gardening this week
With another storm on the horizon for the weekend you might feel like spring is still very far away. The reality is that in just a few weeks, many of you will be able to get into your gardens and start growing for another year. Earlier this month I went to New England Grows which is a trade show for those who work in the industry. Although not open to the general public, in this week’s video I share some of the latest trends and newest plants for 2013.

I’ll be updating the forecast all day on Twitter at @growingwisdom please send me your reports there.

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