Winter storm watches for late Monday and Tuesday

It’s probably not what most of you want to hear, but winter storm warnings have been posted for potential snow of over 6 inches.

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Another snowstorm is headed for the area. The vernal equinox arrives just after sunrise Wednesday morning, but with snow on the ground in many places it will look like the depths of winter. The interesting thing is that total snowfall for the year in Boston while certainly above average isn’t all that high standing at about 56 inches or roughly a foot and a half above normal. Worcester on the other hand has had over 100 inches of snow and is nearly 4 feet above their normal snowfall. There is a huge difference in the type of winter this has been depending on where you have spent the past 3 months..I’ll be updating my weather forecast for this next storm on Twitter at @growingwisdom please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.

With this upcoming storm I think that the heaviest snow will end up across Worcester County with less as you move to the coast. There will be enough snow even in Boston to plow and shovel.

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Notice my snowfall bands. The heaviest band is the 8 to 16 inch one west of the 495 area and heading north towards New Hampshire. I put Boston in the 3-6 inch band for now. There are 3 more sets of computer forecasts that will arrive before the snow starts. The closer we get to Monday evening, the more I can refine the rain/snow line and move the bands east or west as necessary.
A cold front is pushing through the area today and ushering in a reinforcing shot of cold air from Canada. This air is going to try to keep the snow/rain line from moving west and north off the ocean. During Tuesday morning for every hour the line stays south of your area will be another inch of snow on the ground.
Unlike the last storm, the winds from this one will not be as strong so beach erosion won’t be as severe. However, our beaches have taken a beating this winter and any wind and wave actions will certainly exacerbate the situation. The tides are not astronomically high for this storm, another piece of good news in a winter with not a lot of it for the shore.
The heaviest of the snow will occur in the early morning hours just prior to sunrise Tuesday and last beyond the morning commute. This means that the Tuesday AM trek to work will be difficult and I image many of you will telecommute that day. Some schools will be close for the day adding to the already lengthy school year. The snow will break out Monday evening and I will be watching the progression of the snow northward tomorrow to determine a more precise start time. Right now I would say snow starts overspreading the areas from about 8 PM Monday well south and west of Boston and closer to midnight in the city. Remember, this will need to be refined later this evening and Monday morning.
Tuesday this storm will be moving north and after noon the heaviest snow and rain will wind down. The evening commute should prove somewhat better as the snow should have either ended or changed to rain by then in Boston and out to about Route 495. The precipitation may change back to a quick period of snow before it completely ends Tuesday evening. Wednesday will be blustery and cold with highs in the 30s and still a lot of clouds.

Gardening this week

A very common problem with house plants is aphids. These sucking insects leave a residue on the leaves that can then cause a secondary infection on your plants. If you notice a black shoot-like coating on your houseplants, you probably have black sooty mold. This problem while not generally fatal to a plant can be an indication of an insect infestation. Check out this weeks video on black sooty mold and see if your plants have this issue.

I’ll be updating my weather forecast for this week on Twitter at @growingwisdom please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.


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