Snow showers ending, a nice day ahead

Our storm is now moving into Maine after leaving up to a foot of snow across parts of southern New England. You can see the totals below as they were reported today for much of Southern New England. A few leftover snow showers will push through the are until about midnight. Some areas could see a dusting to an inch. As temperatures fall below freezing any slush will freeze and roads can become quite slippery. Tomorrow looks to be a very nice sunny day though it will be blustery. Temperatures will reach the lower 40s in the afternoon. There will be a storm to our east in the ocean Thursday and Friday and this could bring a few snow showers to the coast Thursday night.


Although the ocean storm will be quite large, it does look to stay far enough off the coast to keep us from getting another major storm. Of course we will have to keep watching the models tomorrow to see if things change, but as of now I am not concerned.

The weekend is looking nice and dry with temperatures in the mid-40s. That is still chilly for the end of March, but there will be some melting from the strong March sun. Right now the pattern is not looking to change to a mild one, and I am not convinced we are done with the snow. I’ll be updating my weather forecast for the rest of this week on Twitter at @growingwisdom please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.

totals 1.png

totals 2.png

totals 3.png

totals 4.png

totals 5.png

Gardening this week

A very common problem with house plants is aphids. These sucking insects leave a residue on the leaves that can then cause a secondary infection on your plants. If you notice a black shoot-like coating on your houseplants, you probably have black sooty mold. This problem while not generally fatal to a plant can be an indication of an insect infestation. Check out this weeks video on black sooty mold and see if your plants have this issue.

I’ll be updating my weather forecast for this week on Twitter at @growingwisdom please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.

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