Sunshine today, but snow is in the forecast, sorta

Yesterday I had a several people ask about the snowstorm for tomorrow. While there is the word “snow” in the forecast, there isn’t a snowstorm on the way. One of the problems with the internet, and there are many, is that forecasts get boiled down to images. When you look at the forecast via your cell phone or even favorite web page they often use the most outlying part of the forecast for the icon. You have to look at the details of the forecast, the chance of precipitation and the actual words that go along with the prediction. I’ll be updating my weather forecast with any changes on Twitter at @growingwisdom please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.


Look at the images used for the next couple of days.

forecast icons.png

You might think that it will cloudy all day today and that it will rain and snow for the next two days. This is clearly not the case. There isn’t a cloud in the sky this morning and they won’t move in until later today. The specifics of the forecast show that the amounts of snow and rain will be quite small. On Friday, when the picture shows more snow and rain, it will be partly sunny with a slight chance of a rain/snow shower. The reason the picture is there is because of that slight chance of a rain or snow shower. The computer program is told to take any mention of precipitation and put up that image. I suspect the images will get more sophisticated and show the changing nature of the weather better, but for now be sure to read into the specifics.
The weather system that is moving through the region later this evening and Thursday is quite weak. While there will be clouds on the increase today and a few rain and snow showers tonight, this is a nuisance event and nothing more. The next two images show how little precipitation is forecast to fall and where there might be some snow.

precip forecast.png

snow forecast.png

This isn’t to say that the ground couldn’t become white in a few spots for a few hours very early tomorrow morning, but you won’t be shoveling or hearing plows scraping on the pavement.
The psychological effects of seeing more snow are another matter all together. I know this is the time of year many of you would like to not see any more snow, even if it doesn’t accumulate.
The weekend is looking very nice as we close out the month in lamb-like fashion. Sunshine, light winds and seasonable temperatures will make this weekend one of the nicest of the entire month. April showers or even downpours are in the forecast early next week as a more significant storm with lots of water threatens the area. I am not expecting a flooding rain storm, but certainly a more significant event than the next twenty-four hours will bring.
Gardening this week
I have part of my garden under protective greenhouse plastic so I was able to plant my peas Sunday. Even if you don’t have a hoop house or cold frame, I think you will be able to do some work around the yard this week and certainly by the weekend.

I’ll be updating gardening tips and weather information on Twitter at @growingwisdom please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.


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