Blustery again, but milder air to come

Another blustery and cold day is on tap, but it won’t be as chilly as yesterday. Earlier I could hear the wind still blowing the bird feeders around and the thermometer by my bedside read an even 30F. The winds actually kept temperatures from getting even colder last night which was a good thing. Wind tends to mix up the air and not let the cold air settle to the ground. Some trees such as my cornus mas are already in bloom. Although these plants normally bloom this early, a night of temperatures in the lower 20s would hurt the blossoms.
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Today, high pressure will continue to build into the region. Very dry air in combination with the brown grass and leaves has created an elevated fire danger. To the south, across Connecticut and into Virginia, there is a red flag warning in effect. These warnings are often issued in the spring before the vegetation is green and the air is dry. This means that the risk of brush fires is even higher in those areas. Even without an official warning, it’s a good idea to be especially cautious when burning anything outside this time of year.
Yesterday felt like the middle of winter and the fact it was April made the cold sting just a bit more. Today will not be quite as chilly, but still below what you would expect or probably want this time of year. Finally, the high pressure that brought this return to winter to the area will push out to see tomorrow and milder air on the back of this system will flow north. Temperatures tomorrow will reach into the upper 40s and lower 50s.
The next forecasting challenge comes on Friday when another coastal storm will form and threaten the area. If we are impacted by the storm it will be a rain not snow maker. It does appear that southeastern areas south of Boston will have the best chance for significant rain, up to one inch. Showers should reach Boston and the western suburbs late in the day Friday and continue Friday night. On Saturday the storm will move eastward, skies will clear and it will turn out to be a nice afternoon.

radar friday.png

The radar prediction shows very heavy rain just south of Nantucket Friday afternoon. The exact track of the storm will determine just how far north that rain area gets.
Sunday looks dry, but there will be some clouds, especially to the north. Temperatures will recover to the 50s in the afternoon. A weak storm and front pushing across northern New England will need to be monitored that day to see how much cloudiness impacts the area here.
Early next week there is the chance for a rush of warm air into the area for a day. “Warm” this time of the year would put readings into the 60s. This is certainly not written in stone yet. Looking further into the future, both computer models are bringing chilly and damp air to the region sometime early to mid-week next week. April and early May often see a pattern of damp and cloudy weather that can last several days. Check out the image below. This shows the temperature and precipitation trends as forecast by on model for the next 8 days. While it might not be exactly accurate, it does give an idea of the upcoming trends. Don’t read into the specifics; rather look at the overall ups and downs in temperature and precipitation. At the end of the forecast period, you can see the temperature and dew point lines meet indicating a relative humidity of 100% and thus the reason for my concern about very damp weather next week.

Next weeks weather.jpg

I’ll be updating gardening tips and weather information on Twitter at @growingwisdom please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.
Gardening this week
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