A great day for the marathon kicks off a super week of weather

It’s quite chilly this morning across the region with a few spots in the 20s and most others in the 30s. The sun is very strong this time of year, similar to mid-August, so temperatures will rise rapidly through the morning. High pressure continues to build into region and this will be the first full week that you will really feel spring has arrived. A coastal sea-breeze will prevent Boston from hitting 60F today, but most areas away from the coast will be at or above that mark the entire week!

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Our Patriots’ day (officially Patriots’ Day in Massachusetts] and Patriot’s Day in Maine) will be quite nice and great for both running or being a spectator. Runners are arriving at the starting line now with temperatures in the upper 30s (4°C). In three hours, by 9 AM, it will have warmed to the middle and upper 40s (8°C) and be in the mid 50s in Boston (14°C) when most folks finish. Winds will be light throughout the race. In the morning the winds will be from the north, or blowing against runners on their left side. Since roads twist a bit, a times they will have a weak tail wind.
For the afternoon, winds will turn southeast which will give more of a head wind, or a wind hitting the runners right side. Unlike some years when there is a strong west wind (tail wind) or strong sea-breeze (head wind)I don’t expect the breeze to be much of a factor. Temperatures will reach the 60F mark just inland from Boston and the affects of the southeast wind.
You can see on the chart below more of the hour-by-hour forecast for tomorrow and Tuesday. This is based on Boston, but any differences between towns will be minimal.

Marathon Forecast.png

On Tuesday and Wednesday mild air will be in place. Temperatures will reach the 60s. There could be a round of showers later Tuesday evening and part of Wednesday, but dry weather will predominate. Temperatures towards the end of the week will continue mild and I can foresee at least one day, Friday that we will approach or exceed that 70°F mark.
The weather looks cooler next week, but not cold as a front crosses the area with a few showers. Weather systems in spring move very quickly, so forecasting a full-week ahead of time can be problematic. Nonetheless I am quite confident that there is no early heat in the forecast, which if fine by me for early spring.


I’ll be updating gardening tips and weather information on Twitter at @growingwisdom Please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.

Gardening this week
For the past several weeks I have been enjoying harvesting claytonia from containers off my deck. Claytonia is a great little plant that can be easily wintered over by covering your containers or putting them in the garage. You can then move them outside in early spring and watch them resume growing.

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