Showers end the week, nice weekend ahead

I get up this morning to do my blog and something akin to a Hollywood movie is going on just west of Boston. Unfortunately, this is real. What a bizarre and twisted night and morning. I just hope this gets resolved and people stay safe.

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Luckily the weather is more typical for April although there will be some big swings in temperature and the chance for a few storms. I think the first thing you will notice as you go outside today is the humidity. There won’t be oppressive amounts of humidity like a mid-summer day, but the air has more moisture in it this morning and you are certainly going to notice it.
Dew points are a measure of the amount of moisture in the air. When the dew point gets into the upper 50s in spring we tend to feel the moisture after a winter of very dry air. During the winter our dew points can go below zero and that is when the air becomes very dry. A southerly wind will continue to push warm air into the region.
Clouds are going to be in control today as moisture continues to flow north. There could be a few sunny breaks during the afternoon. If we get any sunshine this will help to boost temperatures and some towns could see readings reach 70°F.
A cold front will approach the area today and push offshore overnight. The cold front marks the leading edge of colder air that will be here for the weekend. As the front pushes through the region showers and thunderstorms are likely. The showers could be accompanied by a few downpours and gusty winds. It does not appear likely that there will be any severe weather with the passage of the front. However, severe weather is likely to the south of the region and especially towards the Mid-Atlantic States where the air is warmer.
The weekend is looking quite nice, but not very warm. Tomorrow, there could be a few clouds early in the morning, but sunshine will increase and leave us with a very nice day. Temperatures will be in the 50s and winds will be brisk. Saturday night temperatures will go into the 30s setting us up for a cool, but sunny day for Sunday.
Next week starts dry and seasonable. There is still the risk for frost this time of the year so be cautious about moving your houseplants outside. Mornings are going to feel quite cold Sunday and Monday morning before becoming less chilly as the new week progresses.


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Gardening this week
For the past several weeks I have been enjoying harvesting claytonia from containers off my deck. Claytonia is a great little plant that can be easily wintered over by covering your containers or putting them in the garage. You can then move them outside in early spring and watch them resume growing.

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