Chilly start to the week, milder finish

Temperatures are winter cold this morning with most places under the 30F mark and several towns in the 20s. Temperatures this cold in late April while not typical are not record breaking. It is unusual enough for a frost warning to be put into effect for much of Cape Cod and the islands. It was a bright and clear day yesterday, but spring has been very slow to arrive this year. Sunday was one of only a handful of sunny days since early March.

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The next couple of days will see cool air firmly in place across the region with a very chilly day tomorrow. If you have a home barometer you might have noticed how high it was this weekend. High pressure means the air is sinking over a given location and that sinking air piles up and raised the pressure. High pressure is usually associated with nice weather and in this case, chilly air. Some people feel emotionally better during high pressure days and some of those aches and pains can also be somewhat less intense. That sort of stuff is more anecdotal than research based although there is some out there.
The high pressure system that gave us a nice clear Sunday will be moving away later today as a low pressure area and its associated area of clouds and rain moves up the coastline. Right now it appears the bulk of the precipitation will stay offshore, however, there will be a very raw east wind developing and that will keep coastal temperatures very chilly the next few days. I expect highs in Boston to remain in the 40s both today and tomorrow before warming up again Wednesday to more seasonable levels.
Notice the radar image below. This is one prediction of where the heaviest showers will be from our upcoming system later Tuesday evening. As you can see, the bulk of the heavier rain is towards Cape Cod and further off the coast. This means that the chances of significant rain are quite low for Boston and points north and west. Southeastern Massachusetts such as Barnstable, Dukes Nantucket and Plymouth counties have the best chance of seeing a quarter inch of rain or more. In Boston and other areas of eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island I expect a trace to a tenth of an inch of rain, not very much at all.

Tuesday night radar.png

Wednesday does look like the nicest day of the work-week with the abundant sunshine and milder temperatures.
On Thursday another system, a cold front, will cross New England. This will provide the energy for another round of showers that look to cover much of the area. I am not forecasting a washout Thursday, but showers are back in the forecast. As we head for Friday sunshine returns and this will set up a nice weekend. Right now the entire weekend looks dry and mild with highs well into the 60s. Mornings will still be a bit chilly, but not frosty.


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Gardening this week
For the past several weeks I have been enjoying harvesting claytonia from containers off my deck. Claytonia is a great little plant that can be easily wintered over by covering your containers or putting them in the garage. You can then move them outside in early spring and watch them resume growing.

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