Feeling like November today, but much better tomorrow

I think I heard a collective groan this morning when folks realized the day was going to feel more like early March than a week before May. The good news is the cold chilly weather isn’t going to last that long and by tomorrow afternoon most of you will get to enjoy sunshine and temperatures 20 degrees warmer than today. We have all seen springs where these raw days last for a week or more so having one of these kind of days isn’t so bad.

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This type of damp weather will help the lawns to get even greener and I suspect some of you will be mowing for the first time this weekend. Remember last year, lawn had been moved two or three times by the start of May. This year, everything is much later and more typical.
The reason for the unsettled weather today is another coastal storm. Just like the many storms we have had since February, this one is going to move up the coastline and then pass east of Cape Cod. The rain shield will make it into southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island this morning and then try to push westward and north during the day. There will be a very sharp cut-off to the rain from this system. From about Plymouth south there will be anywhere from a quarter to over an inch of rain. The further south you go, the greater the rainfall.
The map below shows how much is forecast to fall according to the North American Model. The European model has the rain a bit further west so that is the reason rain is in the forecast for Boston. The best chance for rain in the city will be later this afternoon and evening up to about midnight. During the early morning hours of Wednesday the storm will pull away and skies will begin to clear.

nice wednesda.png

When you awake tomorrow it may still be quite gray and there could even still be a shower, but the trend for tomorrow is going to be for improvement. I am confident that by lunchtime the weather will be nice enough to be outside. The evening looks glorious with sunshine and temperatures in the 60s. You will notice continued greening and more flowers upon the landscape.
A fast moving front will cross the area late tomorrow night and early Thursday with a few more showers. Skies will clear quickly Thursday morning and this leads us into a great stretch of weather all the way to Sunday. Temperatures from Thursday through Sunday will reach the 60s during the day and fall to around 40F at night. I believe this will be one of the nicer weekends of the spring so far. Looking further ahead the weather looks seasonable and dry to close out April and begin May.
While we are not in the drought situation we last year at this time, there is still a rain deficit of about 20%. So far this year we have received 10.87 inches of precipitation in Boston while the average is close to 14 inches. Last year we had only seen about 6.50 inches of precipitation, or half of normal.

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Gardening this week
For the past several weeks I have been enjoying harvesting claytonia from containers off my deck. Claytonia is a great little plant that can be easily wintered over by covering your containers or putting them in the garage. You can then move them outside in early spring and watch them resume growing.

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