The wonderment of spring

What a morning. Did you get a chance to notice just how amazing the start of this day was? I know that rushing around getting ready for work, getting the kids out the door, and all the other hecticness of the morning doesn’t leave much time to appreciate spring.

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For me this absolutely the best time of the year. Afternoon temperatures are warm, mornings are cool, and generally there isn’t the humidity of mid-summer. Plants are growing at an incredible rate. Have you ever considered how much biomass has been created in the past 4 weeks? If you think back to mid-April when the leaves were just starting to emerge and fast forward to this morning the increase in the number of plant cells across the area is mind boggling. The sheer weight of material that exists today that didn’t just a few weeks ago is fascinating.
Since I was 3 or 4 years old, nature has always amazed me. My first recollection of anything to do with nature was catching a moth in a jar and showing to my sports minded neighbor back in 1968. He was about as interested in that moth as I was in the baseball in his hand. Over the year I have become an avid Sox fan, but still would rather be catching butterflies and frogs.
With the weather so perfect, it gives me a chance to plant another crop of lettuce, radishes and get those tomatoes in the ground. Yesterday was “Plant SomethingMA” day. It was a day that growers across Massachusetts encourage folks to plant anything and especially to encourage kids to garden. Gardening is a lifelong pursuit. I began planting before the age of 10 and have grown vegetables for nearly 40 years. (that’s kinda depressing seeing that number).
Last weekend I was showing a 14 year old I mentor the asparagus in my garden. He remarked “that’s how it grows?” I often forget kids and even adults have no idea how many of the things we eat actually grow. I took the picture below this morning; you can see the asparagus coming up from the ground. I will cut it at ground level this evening for supper.


Nothing is perfect in life, and while the weather is pretty close today high fire danger and high levels of pollen will continue. This evening with temperatures in the 70s and abundant sunshine that will stick around until about 8PM there will be plenty of time to enjoy the final few hours of a great day.
Tomorrow will be a bit cooler, but still sunny. Temperatures will hit the lower 70s, with perhaps a sea breeze at the coast. The weekend which is filled with graduations, weddings and a ton of other outdoor activities will all take place with ideal May conditions. Temperatures will reach the lower 70s inland Saturday and be slightly cooler at the coast. On Sunday we will see a blend of clouds and Sunshine and temperatures in the 60s. If you are sitting in a black gap and gown it’s still going to feel very warm in the sunshine which is nearing peak strength this time of year.
Warmer and more humid air makes a run for New England during the middle of next week and this can bring a few showers. Until then it’s dry and sunny. Don’t you just love May?
Gardening this week
Japanese maple trees are one of the best ornamental trees you can put in your yard. I have a total of about a dozen scattered everywhere from the front of the house to the back. Check out some of the best varieties in this week’s video.


I’ll be updating the forecast throughout the week on Twitter at @growingwisdom Please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.

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