Changing weather each day this week

The difference between summer warmth and humidity and springtime clouds and showers can be just a few miles apart this time of year. Over the next few days that dividing line is going to waffle north and south through New England providing a variety of weather from Maine to Connecticut.

I’ll be updating the forecast throughout the week on Twitter at @growingwisdom Please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.

Over southern New England, warmer and more humid air will flow north later today and overnight. This change in air will bring with it a few showers.
We desperately need rain. The amount of rain that is going to fall over the next 4 or 5 days is somewhat in question and dependent on the exact placement of the boundary between the cool and warm air.
It looks like there will be two or three rounds of showers between now and Friday. When we arrive at next weekend many towns will have seen about a half to an inch of rain. In these situations rainfall can vary a bit so you still might have to water on your own.
Today we are still on the “cool” side of the front with not much humidity. Overnight as the front moves to our north, showers will cross the area. Tomorrow, you will notice more humidity in the air and it will feel a bit like summer. It’s not going to be hot, but the moisture in the air will make it feel sticky.
There are a lot of graduations today and the weather looks great. Temperatures will reach the 60s to near 70F and as clouds increase this afternoon, there is a slight risk of a shower, but these will be far and few between.
Showers increase a bit overnight and the first part of Monday. I am not expecting widespread rain, but enough to help with the dry ground.
On Tuesday, that same front is going to do a 180° and move back towards Connecticut. This will allow cooler and drier air to flow back into the area. This means that the chance of any rain is greatly diminished with the ocean air.
On Wednesday warmer air flows back into Massachusetts and temperatures and humidity levels will increase. There will be widely scattered showers, but much of the day, especially the morning, will be dry. Temperatures will reach the 70s much of the week with the largest fluctuations in how it feels do to the humidity and not the actual temperature.
Thursday could be an interesting day for some severe weather. You might have noticed all the thunderstorms and tornadoes over the Midwest the past couple of days. Eventually, some of that energy will move eastward and could spark a line of thunderstorms for later Thursday. I am not forecasting anything remotely as severe as what they are seeing in the center of the country. By the way, while it may appear that there is a lot of severe weather, the country has actually seen one of its quietest severe weather springs in decades. May is traditionally the month with the most severe weather, so what we are seeing this weekend and will see tomorrow in parts of the country is quite typical.
Next weekend is already Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial, but somewhat official, kickoff to summer. Three day weekends are tough to make a forecast this far out, but right now, the start of the weekend looks dry and seasonable to slightly cool. I don’t see the weekend turning into a hot one with great weather for the beach, but it’s early for that at this point anyway.
Gardening this week
Japanese maple trees are one of the best ornamental trees you can put in your yard. I have a total of about a dozen scattered everywhere from the front of the house to the back. Check out some of the best varieties in this week’s video.


I’ll be updating the forecast throughout the week on Twitter at @growingwisdom Please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.

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