Raw and chilly this weekend, but also not a washout

You’ve been hearing about the weekend weather for the past few days and by now I am sure you know it won’t be perfect. Cool and wet is the theme for this year’s Memorial Day weekend although it’s not a 3 day washout by any measure. It is rather muggy and warm this morning, colder air will filter into the region during the day. This is going to set up a very chilly pair of days this weekend. Today will end up being the wettest of the next three days with some heavy downpours, especially over southeastern Massachusetts.


I’ll be updating the forecast throughout the weekend on Twitter at @growingwisdom Please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.

The weather summer for the next several days starts with a cold front inching its way through southern New England. The problem for the weekend is that the front will get stuck just to our east. While this frontal system sits along the coast a storm will develop on it and bring a few rounds of rain to the region. What is still questionable is just how much rain there actually is east of route 495 after today. My optimism stems from the fact our nor’easter is forecast to track just far enough west or close to the coast to pull some dry air into it. When this happens it rains hard to the west of the low, but to the east it can be milder and much drier. There could even be sunny breaks on Cape Cod Saturday and even more of eastern New England by unday.
Today is going to be a transitional day from muggy air to cool and wet conditions. The cold front that caused all the severe weather a few days ago in the center of the country pass by the area. Earlier this week it appeared the front would move far enough away to give us a nice weekend. However, now the models are showing this front slowing down quite a bit. When fronts get stuck along our coast it often spells trouble. The front acts like a track for areas of rain to ride along. Until the front moves far enough away the chance of rain continues. This is why we have elements of rain moving to the north today. Some of those areas of rain will contain heavy downpours and street flooding is possible.
The steady rain of today will be over and skies will remain cloudy much of the day. Temperatures are not only going to be way below normal, some spots might stay in the lower 50s for most of the day. It will be mildest over Cape Cod. Take a look at the map below. Notice the area circled in green. Those areas will be wettest on Saturday. This is the reason I am optimistic there won’t be a washout tomorrow. There certainly will be showers from time to time, but many hours of dry weather. You could even see some breaks of sunshine especially the further south and east you are from Boston. I would give the day a 3 or 4 on a scale of 1 to 10, being perfect.

saturday morning.png

I think this could end up being the pleasant surprise of the weekend, especially over Cape Cod. The morning will have the best chance for showers, but I would not be surprised to see breaks of sunshine during the afternoon and if that happens temperatures will reach the upper 50s and lower 60s. It won’t be a warm and sunny day, but good enough for working outside, some golf and certainly a barbeque in the evening.
Memorial Day does look better. There should be some sunshine but temperatures will still be cool for the time of year. We will get back into the 60s during the afternoon. It won’t be a beach day, but after two lousy days of weather a vast improvement. Warmer and more typical weather for late May does return for Tuesday, just in time to head back to work.
Heat and humidity
There are early signs of very warm and humid air for later next week. As is often typical in late spring we may go from several days of chilly temperatures to sweltering heat in a short time. Stay tuned.
Gardening this week
After moving plants around my yard the past several years because they keep getting bigger and bigger I decided to do a video about just how big some of those plants you see in the nursery will become. While they may only be a foot or two tall today, just wait a few years. Check out how big some of the more typical garden center trees and shrubs can grow. I would be interested in any stories you have from your own garden. Tweet me @growingwisdom


I’ll be updating the forecast throughout the week on Twitter at @growingwisdom Please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.

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