Super weather next two days, heat wave ends the week

A chilly morning with temperature in the 30s and 40s will transition into the 70s this afternoon under completely sunny skies. Our nasty storm of the weekend is now to the north and we are left with drier and warmer air for the next two days.
These are the longest days of the year with full darkness not even a solid 8 hours. You can see a bit of light just before 9PM and again around 4AM. The next couple of days will provide almost 100% sunshine making up somewhat for what wasn’t a great weekend of weather.
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As is often typical in New England we are going to go from a deep chill to big heat in just a few days. The last time we had an official heat wave in Boston was July 13th-15th last year. This doesn’t mean other inland areas didn’t hit those numbers, but the official temperatures are kept in Boston, so that’s what I have to go by.

Heat and humidity

Tuesday looks like another nice day with more sunshine and pleasant temperatures. For me, this is the pick of the week as it will be comfortably warm and not hot. Wednesday is a transitional day between the temperatures in the 70s and temperatures getting into the middle 80s Thursday and Friday. As a warm front approaches the area Wednesday, showers and even some thunderstorms will break out during the afternoon. As the front pushes to the north Thursday heat and moderate levels of humidity will be with us and that weather will close out the month of May and usher in June. The warmth won’t be long lived as next week looks more seasonable in the temperature department.
Check out the chart below which shows how temperatures and rainfall are forecast (using the GFS model) for the next week. It’s interesting how high temperatures are forecast after a cold weekend. While these numbers won’t be exactly right, it does give you an idea of the upcoming trends.

heat wave coming.png

Gardening this week
After moving plants around my yard the past several years because they keep getting bigger and bigger I decided to do a video about just how big some of those plants you see in the nursery will become. While they may only be a foot or two tall today, just wait a few years. Check out how big some of the more typical garden center trees and shrubs can grow. I would be interested in any stories you have from your own garden. Tweet me @growingwisdom


I’ll be updating the forecast throughout the week on Twitter at @growingwisdom Please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.

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