Rain ends this morning, more storms later

Heavy showers will pass through the region this morning as a break in the action takes place. Some areas saw up to 3 inches of rain already, mostly west of Route 495. The radar image below shows the back edge of the rain pushing rapidly through southern New England.


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The rain is being caused by very humid air riding northward into the region. As this is air is being lifted it is building into showers and heavy downpours. Once the humid air is in place, the showers will end.
This afternoon as the sun heats the ground more showers and some thunderstorms will grow. The area of showers this afternoon will be more scattered in nature, but just as heavy. If you see any rain in the second round, roads could become briefly flooded and small streams can swell. flood watch now.bmp As of this morning, there is a flash flood watch in effect for much of the area. If the chance of heavy rain diminishes, the watch will be dropped. If the rain materializes and creates problems on the roads, a warning will be issued.
Humidity levels will be excessive today. Dew points will once again rise into the 70s, the highest level we see here in New England. The saving grace will be that temperatures will only rise into the lower 80s, so the heat index, while high, won’t return to levels we saw last week.
Tonight will be warm and muggy with temperatures in the 67-72 degree range all night. There could be a passing shower or storm during the night as well. Any rain that does fall might contain a heavy downpour.
Wednesday will be partly sunny and humid, especially through the first half of the day. In the afternoon a cold front, the leading edge of drier air, will push through. As this front moves into the humid air, more storms can pop. Similar to last Saturday, who gets the storms is impossible to predict, but all of us under the gun for possible storms.
Finally, Wednesday night drier and cooler air moves in. This air will be from Canada and give the region a taste of temperatures and humidity levels we are typically to which we are typically accustomed. When you awaken Thursday morning, the air will feel refreshingly clean and dry. Temperatures will reach the upper 70s and lower 80s for the end of the week with low levels of humidity.
The weekend right now is looking good, but not perfect. The best day appears to be Saturday with abundant sunshine and warm temperatures. On Sunday a disturbance in the atmosphere will bring more clouds, higher humidity and a chance of a few showers. The day won’t be a washout at all, but not as dry as the previous 3 will have been.
Gardening this week
Pests in the garden are a problem for any grower. There are now better and better organic controls for gardeners that allow good control without the harsh chemicals. Check out the video below and see how I am controlling some of the pests in my own garden this year.


I’ll be updating the details of the weather on Twitter at @growingwisdom Please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.

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