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Sunshine and warm temperatures are on tap for the rest of the day. As temperatures warm into the 80s it will be a perfect afternoon to head to the shore. The sun is still very strong this time of year which means sunscreen is a must. There is quite a bit of humidity lingering in the air so if you are working outside this afternoon you can expect it to feel a bit uncomfortable. Cooler and drier air replaces the heat of today overnight and by morning temperatures will range from 58F to 65F. As usual the warmest spots will be in the cities.Want to ask a weather question? Find me on Twitter at @growingwisdom Please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.


A cold front is slipping past the area today and while the air behind this front isn’t really that cool, temperatures will trend downward as we head into the weekend.
Although we had a very hot July, August, at least to start, is looking typically warm to seasonably cool. Temperatures during the first half of August range from the mid 70s to mid 80s. Anything out of that range would be the exception, not the rule. I am not a fan of the average temperature because that one number is derived from the highly variable daily highs from previous years. I find it more useful to look at the overall range of
temperatures the past few decades for a given date. This is why a temperature of 77 or 83 is well within what we would expect this first week of August.
As the jet stream continues to dip across the country, pieces of Canadian air will infiltrate the country and keep the extreme heat well to the south. Places like Dallas, Texas will be close to or over 100F the next week, but all of that heat will remain nearly a thousand miles away from New England.
One question that could be on your mind is will there be any more heat this summer? I took a loop at the European model’s prediction for the next 30 days this morning. What is very noticeable is the lack of any heat from now through the end of the month across the eastern third of the country. This of course doesn’t mean any days in the 80s or even near 90F, but the current pattern is not conducive to any extended periods of heat. It would not be unprecedented to have zero ninety degree days in August. What would be funny if that happened is that the number for the summer would then end up pretty close to typical.
It’s been very cold across the arctic regions of the world this summer. By some accounts this has been the coldest summer for the North Pole in over 50 years. While it may have been a cool July to the north it was anything but cool around here. Southern New England had a very hot month and the cities of Providence and Hartford had their warmest months on record. In Boston this was the 5th warmest July on record and the third warmest at Blue Hill Observatory in Milton.

July 2013 records.png

blue hill.gif

Gardening this week
If you have a sunny spot and a good size container, how about planting carrots? Carrots can be successfully grown in containers and you will be surprised how many you will get. One of the most important things is to not over water the soil. Check out the video below showing how I recently planted a container of carrots.

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