A few more showers overnight

A few very light showers moved across a few towns this morning, but if you didn’t get one, you didn’t miss much. It’s been 16 days without measurable rain and that stretch is going to continue for many of us beyond today. You will still need to water the lawns and gardens.

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What you will notice during the day today is an increase in humidity as a flow of air comes towards us from the southwest. There will be a lot of clouds today, but also some sunny periods, which could last for a while depending on your specific location.
Temperatures will rise through the 70s and, with enough sun, end up in the lower 80s. There could be a pop-up storm this afternoon, but don’t count on it.
Disturbances will continue to move though the wind flow above us through Wednesday. These areas will bring the risk of showers. The next best chance for rain comes overnight as an area of rain moves southeast from Canada. The map below shows how much rain is forecast to fall through early Wednesday, but most of this falls overnight tonight.
There is a sharp cutoff to the rainfall oriented in a northwest to southeast line about through Boston. To the south of this line up to three quarters of an inch of rain call fall while by the time you get to the north shore area of Massachusetts much less is predicted. A slight shift of the rain area north or south will impact on that boundary most.
Tuesday should be a mostly dry day with humidity levels high enough you will definitely feel it. Temperatures will be in the mid-80s, warm enough to know summer isn’t over.
Another round of showers is possible Wednesday as the air becomes somewhat less humid. Temperatures continue in the low 80s.
The overnight both tonight and especially tomorrow will be muggy.
Thursday is a transitional day into what is going to be a great Labor Day weekend. Presently, I don’t see much risk of shower activity Thursday and the air will be drier with highs near that 80 degree mark. Friday through Sunday will be sunny, warm and dry with the highs getting into the mid-80s by the end of the weekend. Monday will be great as well with more sunshine. Monday still looks nice, but admittedly it’s a week from now and things can change.
The fires out west continue to burn out of control as the dry weather, the heat and the brush all make for the perfect firestorm. We are hearing this is the largest fire in California history which is why this fire is so dangerous. I was playing with the fire statistics this morning and noticed while the number of acres burned seems to be increasing the number of fires is actually down. The chart below shows the years with the greatest number of fires on record, those years are not recent. The chart below that shows the years with the greatest amount of acreage burned, those are more recent.

Forest fires.png

Forest firesacres.png

I have no idea what this means, it’s just interesting and as Mark Twain quipped “there are lies, damned lies and statistics”. As far as the fires what other variables might be behind the decrease in actual fires, but increase in the acreage they burn? Something to think about I suppose.
Gardening this week
Tomatoes have been slow to mature this month. I believe the heat of July stunted the formation of fruit and this is one reason we are seeing fewer tomatoes than expected. In this video below, shot on my own camera, I show you what was going on with my own garden a few weeks ago. Not much has changed although I have been able to make a few jars of sauce.

I’ll be updating the details of the weather on Twitter at @growingwisdom Please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.


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