Labor day weekend forecast

Late August has a look. Do you agree? I think if you took a picture of the landscape this time of year and showed it to me I could tell you it was the close of the 8th month. It’s the time of year that the earth around here looks tired. Grass, trees, flowers have all been growing like crazy for the past 16 to 20 weeks with just a couple of purposes in mind, make more plants and get through the upcoming winter.
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We are on the cusp of color with a few of the maples and dogwoods giving us a preview of what’s ahead. The dry weather is going to help keep the leaves from getting a lot fungus which in turn can help make for a more brilliant foliage season. Over the next few weeks it will be important we don’t have any early frosts or major wind and rain storms.
Tropical activity continues to be minimal and we are only 10 days away from the peak of the season. Remember, even if we get past the peak part of hurricane season without a major storm impacting the United States, storms are possible well into November.
Here we are on the edge of the final holiday weekend of summer. The next big holiday for most of us is Columbus Day weekend when it’s often cooler and usually, though not always, the peak of foliage season.
Today is going to be a cloudy day. During the night a front passed to our south and ushered in cool marine air. The air mass is such that it will be very difficult to break up the clouds and with a cool northeast wind, it will feel a bit like fall this afternoon. Temperatures will remain in the 70s with lower levels of humidity than the past few days.
If you are headed for points north or south tomorrow there will be a lot of sunshine and warm temperatures. If you are able to take the day off tomorrow, my suggestion is go home, eat dinner, pack up the family and leave tonight. If you do this you can end up waking up at your weekend spot tomorrow morning for a 4 day weekend. I know that is probably not going to happen for most, but it’s a nice thought right?
Let’s talk about temperatures tomorrow through Monday. During that period the afternoon highs should be remarkably similar in the upper 70s to lower 80s in most spots. It will be a few degrees cooler near the water and a bit warmer over some interior spots, but not by much.

Labor day weekend forecast boston.png

At night lows will fall into the 60s. By the end of the weekend, Sunday night and Monday night, it will likely feel muggy at night with lows in the middle to upper 60s.
What about sunshine? Friday and Saturday look like the nicest days through Monday. Sunday and Monday will still have some sunshine, but there will be more in the way of clouds each of those days, with Monday being the cloudiest.
There is virtually no chance of rain Friday and only a slight chance for Saturday. Sunday and Monday the risk of showers increases, peaking Monday afternoon and evening when there is a better than even opportunity we all could see some much needed rain.
The weekend isn’t going to be perfect, but on balance it will be a nice end to the unofficial end of summer and the start of meteorological fall which begins Sunday.
Gardening this week
Tomatoes have been slow to mature this month. I believe the heat of July stunted the formation of fruit and this is one reason we are seeing fewer tomatoes than expected. In this video below, shot on my own camera, I show you what was going on with my own garden a few weeks ago. Not much has changed although I have been able to make a few jars of sauce.

I’ll be updating the details of the weather on Twitter at @growingwisdom Please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.

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