Torrential downpours, humidity and some sun

A busy morning is underway across the southern New England with at least one severe thunderstorm warning having already been issued. These warnings usually last for about 45 minutes as the storm move eastward.
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With tropical air in place any storms that do occur can contain heavy downpours, thunder and even small hail. Winds could be gusty in some of the larger storms.
There will times of dry weather, but where and when that occurs is going to be somewhat random. As I write this a line of torrential rain is aligned along the Massachusetts turnpike from Boston to Framingham, but by the time you read this that line may have disappeared or shifted east and south.
Flooding can be a problem on the roadway with the very heavy rainfall in a short period of time. Some spots could see over an inch of rain if a storm ends up getting stuck for an hour or so.
The reason for the stagnant pattern this weekend is a stalled frontal boundary to our west. The slow movement of this dividing line between very humid air and dry fall-like conditions is contributing to the unsettled pattern.
The front is moving so slowly that it could well be Tuesday before we finally lower the risk of rainfall. Additionally, as the actual front moves closer, the chance of rain will increase. Monday might not be total washout, but it does appear to be the wettest of the three day weekend.
Temperatures will be in the upper 70s to lower 80s especially if we get a bit of sunshine between the raindrops. It won’t be the actual temperature that will make it feel so uncomfortable. Dew point readings, the number that indicates how we feel, will be running around 70F. Dew points at that level are very uncomfortable and represent a very high level of water content in the atmosphere.
By the middle of the week the front will finally have cleared the area and much cooler air will arrive. It will definitely have that feeling of fall for the second part of the week with cool mornings and bright sunny days. Highs will be in the lower and middle 70s, but the air will be completely different originating from Canada, not the Caribbean
Daylight is going to start tailing off very fast in the next several weeks. We lose about 2 minutes and 50 seconds of light each day this month spilt roughly evenly from both ends of the day. To give you an idea how much light this is ponder this. Today we have about 13 hours of light between sunrise and sunset. By the end of the month that number will fall to 11 hours and 45 minutes. For me, more than that the snow and cold, the lack of light is the hardest part of the second part of fall and first half of winter.
Gardening this week
Not that long ago I was fortunate to take a trip to Ecuador. The country is very beautiful and known for a wonderful growing climate. In this video I show you some of my visit to a farm that grows roses for markets all over the world.

I’ll be updating the details of the weather on Twitter at @growingwisdom Please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.


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