Hot air today forces heat advisories to be issued

The heat is on for one solid day with the humidity lasting for just over two. As you step outside this morning you will no doubt notice it feels like a steam bath as the is air is reminiscent of July. It’s actually been since July 20th when we reached the 90 degree mark and had our last heat advisories and warnings.I’ll be updating the details of the heat and the upcoming weather for the weekend on Twitter at @growingwisdom Please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.

Today, eastern Massachusetts will feel the core of the heat. Yesterday Chicago tied their record high of 95F. It’s that type of heat that has made its way east overnight and will be with us today.

heat for sept.png

The record in Boston is a whopping 99F set back in 1983 and we won’t break it. However, when you factor in temperatures in the lower to middle 90s for a few hours this afternoon with the high amount of moisture in the air, it will feel close to 100F. As a result, a heat advisory is up for areas in orange on the map.
The air is also somewhat dirty this morning. Areas in grey have an air alert in effect. When combine all the ragweed in the air along with the pollution, some of you might not be breathing so easily today.
There is going to be plenty of sunshine and virtually no chance for any showers. It might be the 11th of September, but it will be a great beach day. It’s still powerful when I write the date today as it causes me to pause and remember. I am still haunted at times by the images from 12 years ago.
As the sun sets in Boston for the last time in the 7 o’clock hour until next March the air will be warm and thick with a deep orange glow to our closest star sinking lower in the western sky.
Thursday brings another warm day after an uncomfortable night of humidity. It won’t be quite as hot tomorrow with temperatures in the 80s, but the humidity will be high enough to make it feel very warm. A few showers and storms can crop up in the afternoon and overnight as a front very slowly creeps eastward.
When you awake Friday it will likely still be warm and muggy, but as the day progresses drier, more comfortable air replaces the tropical air mass over us. Towards lunch, but definitely by dinner, the air will be dry, the sky bluer and we can once again open the windows.
As tropical storm Gabrielle passes well to our east tomorrow and Friday seas could build to over 5 feet just offshore.

gabriell now.jpg

If you are out in a small boat or swimming, be sure to check the latest advisories in your area. The image gives you an idea of how far away the storm will remain.
We also have our first hurricane of the season, Humberto became a hurricane last night, preventing a new record from being set for the latest the first hurricane of the year was recorded. He messed up the record by not waiting until after 8 AM today to reach this status. I am not expecting Humberto to be a factor in the weather for the east coast.

humberto today.png

Support your local farms
The weekend weather is looking great with abundant sunshine and comfortably mild air. If you have not been apple picking this season I encourage you to go. Supporting a local farm in your area is vital for the continuation of the few remaining farms in the area. While the apples and other fruit might not be as cost effective as the supermarket, can you put a price on what that farm would look like if there were big condos or something there instead?
Gardening this week
Not that long ago I was fortunate to take a trip to Ecuador. The country is very beautiful and known for a wonderful growing climate. In this video I show you some of my visit to a farm that grows roses for markets all over the world.

I’ll be updating the details of the weather on Twitter at @growingwisdom Please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.

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