Strong storms a possible later today and overnight

Showers and storms crossed parts of New England overnight with hail, gusty winds and heavy rain. Thousands of folks, mostly across Vermont, lost power and there were scattered reports of damage in areas. All of this activity was a preview of what might be in store this starting this afternoon and running through early Friday.


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A cold front is slowly moving eastward this morning, but will take all night to finally reach the coast. The heat today will not be as intense as yesterday, but that doesn’t mean the chance for storms isn’t there. As a matter of fact, in many ways the atmosphere is more ripe for storm development this afternoon and overnight than 24 hours ago.
Big thunderstorms require some key ingredients and many of those seem to be coming together later this evening. It does appear many, if not all the day light hours, will be dry. This is especially true in eastern sections of southern New England. Temperatures today will reach the 80s, but I am not expecting any 90s.
On balance skies will be partly sunny today with the most cloudiness the second part of the afternoon. If you are headed to the Patriots game tonight there is the risk for storms. It’s impossible to say if a thunderstorm will cross over Gillette stadium this evening; however, there is a high probability of at least some rain during the game.

radar at 8pm.jpg

Rain isn’t an issue for a football game of course, but thunderstorms with lightning would be a problem. The radar map below is a prediction for where the showers will be around kickoff. Notice the red and orange colors; those are showers and storms in the area.
My next map shows the forecast winds at around 30,000 feet. Use the key on the bottom of the map and see the strongest winds are just to our west overnight This intense jet stream will help foster the upcoming storms. Thunderstorms love to form from the intense energy created by a strong jet stream.


Gabrielle is no longer an official tropical storm. However, the remnants of this system are not so far off the coast of New England. As the cold front marches east, it could pull some tropical moisture west and impact Cape Cod with heavy rain. This isn’t a strong possibility, but definitely something to watch late tonight. If this did happen, it would only enhance the rainfall over southeastern Massachusetts and not bring any wind.
Humidity levels will remain high today and tonight. During Friday morning you will notice a change in the air mass as moisture levels begin to decline. Temperatures will reach the 70s, some 20 degrees cooler than what we saw yesterday.
The weekend is looking quite stellar with sunshine and typical September readings of temperature. The mornings will be quite cool with 40s becoming more common on Sunday. Early next week the cool air remains entrenched with highs in the 60s and lower 70s, and morning lows well down into the 40s. It could be that yesterday’s high of 97F was the last time we will see those kind of temperatures until sometime late next spring or summer.
Gardening this week
Not that long ago I was fortunate to take a trip to Ecuador. The country is very beautiful and known for a wonderful growing climate. In this video I show you some of my visit to a farm that grows roses for markets all over the world.

I’ll be updating the details of the weather on Twitter at @growingwisdom Please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.


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