No rain in sight as summertime temperatures make a comeback

Back in 1947 there was no rain at all for 26 consecutive days beginning on the 3rd of October. That record stands as the longest period of no rain in Boston. There are other even more impressive records with little rain such as the 52 days where only a tenth of inch of rain fell. That lasted from October 1st 1924 until mid-November. The tiny bit of rain they did see back then fell on the 8th of the month.
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So why start my blog this morning with such formidable drought stats? After all, September will go into the record books with 2.21 inches of rain in Boston, certainly below normal, but not even close to a record.
The last rain we had was back on the 22nd just over a week ago. Before that, you have to go back to the 13th to find any measurable rain. The point is we are drying out quickly and with sunny and warm days in our future, the lack of rain gives me some concern.
Of course, one tropical system could approach the area and quickly make up any rainfall deficit, but right now I don’t see any appreciable rain for the next 8 days. Of course things can change, but we have such a strong area of high pressure off our coast, any precipitation that tries to come east will be shunted away or simply fall apart before reaching southern New England.
Now, all this sunny dry weather does have its advantages. I am sure apple orchards are having a boom season with the ideal weekend conditions. Conditions for foliage viewing have been stellar with a deep blue sky contrasting with the early color.
This is going to be another dry week and quite warm as well. Wednesday is our warmest day when temperatures will get into the lower 80s. Worcester’s high temperature record on that day is 82 set back in 1922, while Boston has a higher record of 88 set back in 1954. While it is possible these records could be tied, I don’t think temperatures will get that high.
There is a weather system in the ocean this morning spreading some clouds west along the coast. You can see on the satellite loop below the bright white clouds just to the east of New England. Some of these are making their way to the area today and will keep it from being completely sunny to start the day.

storm westward.gif

This afternoon, as the storm moves further away, clouds will disappear and I am expecting a very bright and sunny second part to the afternoon. Temperatures will be in the 60s at the coast, but approach 70°F inland.
Starting tomorrow, we warm things up under the sunshine with highs getting in the 70s for Tuesday and at least lower 80s for Wednesday. Some inland spots could reach 85°F Wednesday for a great summer-like afternoon.
The second part of the week will see a bit of cool down with Thursday’s highs in the upper 70s to near 80°F, then it’s back to the middle 70s at the end of the week. Although it will be not as warm later this week, some humidity will creep back into the areas, so you might feel less comfortable.


Temperatures in late September and early October typically run in the upper 60s to lower 70s, but 80s is certainly more unusual, but warmth like this does occur quite often in fall. Enjoy it!

Gardening this week

This is a great time of year to garden. You can plant a lawn, move and divide perennials and plants trees and shrubs will less chance of failure than in the spring. I was recently at a local nursery and saw some great conifers for the garden. Check out the unique plants you can add to your own landscape in this week’s video.

I’ll be updating the details of the forecast on Twitter at @growingwisdom Please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.

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