Summer-like afternoon, with celestial treats overnight

Summer-like afternoon continues with temperatures after noontime in the upper 70s and ready to close in on the middle 80s around 2PM. This shot of heat is thanks to a southwest flow of air bringing a bit of tropical air to the region.

temperat now.gif

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Although there will be a weak front crossing the region overnight, the effects to our warm weather will be minimal. Thursday will feature abundant sunshine with highs well into the 70s or about 10 degrees higher than we would typically expect.
Another front with more clouds and moisture will be in our area Friday and early Saturday. On one side of the front it will be cloudy and mild with a few showers, on the south side of the front it will be partly sunny and quite warm.
The exact position of the front early Saturday is going to play a dominant role in what day one of our weekend weather is like. Right now, I am betting the front moves to our north and west and we end up with a mix of clouds and sunshine. Temperatures will also be warm and you will feel some humidity in the air. If my thoughts about this front are off and its position is further south and east, we would end up with more clouds and showers. More on this tomorrow and Friday.
Sunday the region will remain in the warm air and it will feel like another summer day. Temperatures will once again get into the 80s.
Next week the weather turns unsettled and questionable as we may finally see some much needed rain after a very dry period.
On Monday there was a solar storm of sorts on the sun. The energy that was released kicked off a nice display of the aurora borealis or northern lights last evening. There have been some great pictures on the internet from places like Mount Washington in New Hampshire.
These events are difficult to predict and we often don’t know they will happen until a few hours prior to seeing them. The prediction for tonight is that the aurora activity will be quiet and as the energy ejected from the sun Monday wanes.
Although we might not get a chance to see the northern lights tonight, mostly clear skies will allow a nice view of one of the most famous constellations, Cassiopeia. According to, “Cassiopeia, which has a distinctive M or W shape, depending on what time of night you see it. This constellation represents a queen in ancient mythology. You’ll see it in the northeast this evening, and higher up in the evening sky in late autumn and winter.”
The picture below gives you an idea of what to look for tonight and anytime it’s clear this month. Remember, you need to be in a place where it gets dark enough to see the night sky and always let your eyes adjust for several minutes.


The tropics continues to remain quite tranquil with a weak storm in the central Atlantic. Tropical storm Jerry will move northeast safely away from the United States and poses only a threat to shipping.


Gardening this week

Deer are an issue for gardeners any time of the year, but as we approach winter, they can become a particular problem.  If you are a hunter, I know how you will say we should take care of the deer, but short of that, there are ways to keep them out of your yard.  Check out this week’s gardening video below.


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